Complete Chord Mastery course: Master of the Modes course: So you wrote your chorus in C# minor and your verse in G major. You know in your heart that these two pieces of music belong to each other but, like star-crossed lovers, they can not be together. Their keys are too different. Or at least you can’t find a convincing way for them to be together. (And you can’t transpose them because the verse in C# minor uses open strings on your guitar… a trick for another time…) You know what you need? You need some harmonic “universal [More]
As a composer who also teaches music theory, I have been long dissatisfied with many of Western music theory’s pedagogical approaches, not to mention it’s overarching singularity. This is why I have been working towards a different approach in my teaching and I took some time as part of a livestream to unpack and address the explosion in the world of music theory to Dr. Philip Ewell, prompted by Adam Neely’s video.