Music Theory can be intimidating to learn as a beginner with no prior knowledge, however, it can improve your music writing skills significantly! As someone who never received a formal education on music theory, I’m here to teach what I believe to be the most important concepts a beginner should learn. I strongly believe in the concept of learning from your peers, so just remember I was once in your shoes! Want to know how I get music on major platforms such as iTunes & Spotify? Check out this amazing service (no joke, it’s a lifesaver) ► Fun links [More]
A video about 7 music theory vst plugin hacks for music production. All these plugins work on Windows OS and MacOSX! There are several MIDI controllers that have built-in scales like Maschine MK3, Korg Taktile 25 Keys, Native Instruments Kontrol, Push 2, and AKAI Fire to name a few. Do you think it’s cheating? Here’s my list of plugins with videos (if they have videos) Chords Cthulhu Consequence Scaler Chord Composer Instascale Capt. Chords Merch Check out my beats here My Laptop My Podcast Mic Blue Yeticaster social media [More]
Visit Talkingbass for all Lesson Material: This week I’ve got a great little music theory exercise for you that will help with learning the notes on the neck, some essential arpeggios, the chords within a major key and the circle of 5ths! ===================================================== Follow Talkingbass: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ====================================================== Visit for more free online bass lessons, articles and downloads from Mark Smith and subscribe to receive the free Scale Reference Manual. These Free Online Bass Lessons from Mark J Smith are released weekly so subscribe for updates and visit for a [More]
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How to make killer melodies without music theory. In this video I show the way I make my melodies.I don’t use that much music theory to be honest. I used Fl studio 12 in this video. Follow me Instagram: Soundcloud: Youtube:
🍓FREE SHEET MUSIC (approved by Lena Raine herself!) ▸ 🍓REJECTED First Steps Music Draft 1 ▸ 🍓Celeste: First Steps on 8 Keyboards! ▸ ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ Let’s analyze the first level music of indie smash-hit Celeste, composed by Lena Raine. This tune is DEEP with intricate music theory, so after sharing my thoughts I also had to ask Lena herself about her process & experience with the game developer! A lot can be learned from this track!
In this episode I will explain all the Jazz progressions you need to know and improvise over to be able any standard. I will good over the standard progressions and the most common relationships between them. This will also help you quickly memorize any Jazz tune quickly. Links To Follow: If you are interested in purchasing The Beato Book please email me at Skype Lessons are available on a limited basis. If you are interested please write me at If you would like to support my video creation, you can hit the SUPPORT button on the sidebar of [More]
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One of the best ways to learn about music theory, once you know the basics of intervals, is to ask questions! Music Theory is an endlessly fascinating subject with a lot of rabbit holes, detours, and roadside attractions to look at. But basically, it’s the study of “Why do I like the way this sounds?” or “How can I create __________ emotion with sound?” If you like my videos, and would like to schedule a private online lesson, stop by my website: email me for custom transcriptions, arrangements, or other questions at: on instagram: If you’re feeling [More]