Don’t ever do music theory. I never did it. And look at me now! ► Grab these TABS and more over at my Patreon: SUBSCRIBE so you know when I upload a new video game cover! ♫ MY GUITAR was built by Evan Kingma! — Upgrade your axe! Music theory, chord shapes, modes, scales, circle of fifths … who needs any of that? I don’t! (I probably do and i would probably be way better if i did. I’m just bitter and this video was fueled by my negative emotions). If you want more video game covers [More]
I updated my Cubase to version 7, and I’ve only had bad experiences with it so far, as it didn’t import any of my settings from Cubase 6.5, and I had to spend a whole day to import templates, match my previous keyboard commands, settings etc. But there are still some things that I just can’t fix myself and this video demonstrates some of the beef that I have with just the newly revamped mixer window. I recorded this with Cubase version 7.0.0, but I heard that the version 7.0.1 was still fairly buggy, so I haven’t updated to it, [More]