In this video I talk about the difference between a traffic campaign vs conversion campaigns in Facebook ads for marketing your music on Spotify. STOP USING LINK CLICK CAMPAIGNS! I’ve seen too many people, myself including, waste money on link click campaigns because they are too susceptible to bots and accidental clickers. You might get 100 link clicks, but then only see 5 streams on Spotify – with conversion campaigns i’ll often have 95/100 conversions result in actual streams. NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY! Click here to subscribe: ►► Get exclusive content via my Patreon: Join My [More]
In this music marketing video, I show how I find and contact Spotify playlist curators in order to get my artist featured. So this is how to get into Spotify playlists in 2020. Follow my channel, get at me on Instagram, or find me on the Marketing Big Box. It’s my passion to give away more free game than anyone else in the music marketing business. **ONE CLICK SUBSCRIBE** Instagram 10k And Growing
Spotify music marketing is incredibly important for the success of a song in 2020, but there are a TON of shady Spotify playlist promotion companies promising great results. Should you hire a Spotify promotion company to get your music on playlists? Are playlists even a good method of music marketing? In this video i’ll show you the shady world of Spotify playlist marketing. In 2019 I spent thousands of dollars testing out playlist promotion companies, and thousands of dollars in direct music marketing through Facebook and Instagram Ads. I also reached out to many playlist owners directly, and through this [More]
Music Marketing interview with Kohrey da Savior where we discuss Spotify data, Spotify scams, Tiktok, Chartmetric, and more! Check him out on Insta: @kohreydasavior **ONE CLICK SUBSCRIBE** Instagram 10k And Growing
It seems like every artist I talk to asks me how to increase their Spotify streams and followers as fast as possible. Now those who don’t understand marketing will tell you that the system is rigged or that you need to pay for bots to pad your numbers or sign your first born away in order to get on an editorial playlist. Neither are true. With Magnetic Music Marketing you not only rapidly grow your audience, but you can also skyrocket your Spotify streams and followers without spending a dime on paid ads. In this video I show you how [More]
Spotify music promotion can be hard, but it’s not impossible. In this video I show you the results from my most recent music marketing campaign and exactly how you can replicate my results. Marketing music on Spotify is a long game. You’re not trying to instantly make money back on your marketing efforts, you’re trying to bring in as many people as possible and make as many of them stick with you long term as possible. This is because Facebook ads cost way more than Spotify streams could ever give you in return, the only way you make money is [More]
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►► Get 7% off Distrokid if you signup through my custom link → My favorite platform for selling and streaming music online through the iTunes store, Amazon, Spotify and more these days is Distrokid. The great thing about Distrokid is you pay a small annual fee (cheapest I’ve found) and you can have unlimited uploads of albums, EPs, or singles. They don’t even take a cut. You get placed in the iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, and more – and super quick. This video walks you through how I use it and what features I like about [More]
Berklee Online instructor Mike King and Spotify’s Dave Altarescu sit down for an in-depth, musician-focused conversation on Spotify. Millions of people liste…