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Get the PDF at my Patreon: Prerequisite video on Major: Secondary Dominant chords are a great addition to the 7 chords we normally see in major keys and their modes, they are outside of the key but will take us to chords in the key. This occurs a LOT in modern music, especially the V7/vi, and learning your secondary dominants will help you write better and more interesting chord progressions. These chords introduce non-diatonic notes (notes outside the scale) so it is usually obvious to the ear that there is something unique and interesting about these chords when [More]
In this video I take a brief look at harmonic conventions in David Wise’s ambient music from the Donkey Kong Country series. TWITTER: PATREON: David Wise Interview footage from:
Hack Music Theory is exploding on YouTube (thank you!), and to celebrate, we’re launching what’s arguably our most helpful video series yet. Watch this if you want to eliminate the debilitating problem of Writer’s Block forever. But first… tea! 1:24 What is Writer’s Block? 3:25 STEP 1: Chords 4:10 White-Note Hack 6:28 STEP 2: Emotions 11:50 Root Chord Explained 14:10 STEP 3: Chord Progression 22:38 STEP 4: Making Chords Flow 27:15 STEP 5: Rhythm 36:21 Piano Example 37:09 Final Example ********** ►Online Apprenticeship: ********** BOOK & PDF: ►Hack Music Theory, Part 1: ►Hack Music Theory for Songwriting & [More]
In this Hack Music Theory lesson, you’ll learn how to break up your simple chord progressions and turn ‘em into stunning melodies. But first… Tea! ►Free eBook: ►Apprenticeship Course: ►Songwriting & Producing PDF: PLAYLIST INTRO When you break up a chord and play it one note at a time (instead of all the notes together), you turn harmony into melody. This magic trick is known as an arpeggio, which is just a fancy way of saying “broken chord”. And, when you play a chord one note at a time, you also end up with a far [More]
TesseracT has a refreshing approach to time signatures, so in this music theory lesson, you’ll learn their hacks to liberate your chord progressions from 4/4. But first… Tea! ►Free eBook: ►Apprenticeship Course: ►Songwriting & Producing PDF: ►Listen to “Sonder” at: TesseracT band photos by Steve Brown Creative We’re gonna focus on the theory behind their lead single Luminary from their new masterpiece of an album, Sonder. TesseracT are renowned for perfectly balancing the artistic with the accessible, resulting in incredibly intelligent and creative songs, that are also super catchy! And this is why they appeal to [More]
You can support this channel at my Patreon: 01:09- Forming Diatonic Chords in C 02:40- 3 rules for writing chords 05:55- Quick example in G (with split measure) 08:25- General chord writing advice 11:03- The next steps from here Free online guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Located in Crystal Lake, Jake Lizzio provides free jam tracks and video lessons for guitar players, as well as music theory videos and other music education content.
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