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Learn Music Theory easily. This is the first video in this series. Watch till end. Download link for blank staff Improve your singing – Voice Culture Tips Link to practice space notes Link to practice line notes Link to practice space and line notes Music Sight Reading App (Android) My whatsapp number : 7904840178 (text only) What is Staff? ———————- A set of five horizontal lines and four spaces that each represent a different musical pitch. #MusicTheoryTamil #MusicTheoryForProducer
DO YOU NEED MUSIC THEORY FOR PRODUCERS?? 💜(Music Theory for Beginner Producers) 💜 Download this course for free 👉 💜 Watch the video tutorials 👉 In this video I’m showing you guys how to learn music theory for beginner producers. I take you guys with me in Melodics and show you how to learn music theory really quickly! The knowledge of music theory is very important for every producer (beginner or not). Enjoy this new beatmaker & producer tutorial. 💜 Instagram 👉 / @chukibeatz 💜 Road to 200k Subscribe 👉 💜 Submit your beats 👉 ✘ [More]
Get a 7% off on your first year’s membership with DistroKid: This video was sponsored by DistroKid TrackGod VST: Vocal Mixing Tutorial: Mixing and Mastering Tutorial: Discord Server: Hit up bluest_moon on IG to become a mod FL Studio Special edition J. Rent Mouspads: ———————————————– This is a music theory for producers tutorial in FL Studio 20 where I talk about when it’s okay to borrow notes. We go over concepts such as the Chromatic Mediant and Secondary Dominant, then we create a jazzy trap beat using those concepts. This is a music theory [More]
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This week we are joined by a talented father-son duo. They are both accredited rock producers / engineers who have won multiple awards for their work with artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Disturbed, Shania Twain, Five Finger Death Punch, and many more. Welcome to The Place, Kevin and Kane Churko! Socials: IG: @kevin.churko @kanechurko Twitter: @kevinchurko @kanechurko Kevin Bio: After spending four years in Switzerland under the tutelage of world-renowned producer, Mutt Lange, Kevin Churko has emerged as one of the music industry’s leading engineers/producers in his own right. Canadian-bred but currently residing in Las Vegas where he [More]
***Open me, DAWg*** Support the channel by getting some awesome plugins here: Hey internet! Today we’re here to talk a little bit about music theory and some things that are handy when writing songs or melodies for your music, as well as a few concepts that may help newer folks to more quickly understand the ‘what you need to know’ of this stuff. I may do some more tutorials on this in the future as well! Check this site out for more: Stay classy! ▼ Follow Venus Theory Official Site → YouTube → Soundcloud → [More]
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