Complete Chord Mastery course: Master of the Modes course: As promised, finally we have the video on Modes and Negative Harmony! In this video we see what happens when we apply Negative Harmony to modes. We also see: – An intro to one of the most important tools to understand modes: the Order of Brightness, and – The reason why Negative Harmony is (and should) be called “Negative”. And yes, I changed my mind on this point since previously I preferred ‘inverted harmony’. – And as usual, you can get tons of ideas on how to write music [More]
This video looks at each different recording mode in Cubase for your music production and sound design workflow. It’s usually best to record audio in sections, using the left and right locators. Cycle record mode can be enabled in the transport window or timeline, which starts recording continuously in a loop, creating new sections of recording between the track locators each time. With the cycle point deactivated, you can also set punch in and punch out in the transport bar to automatically start and stop recording audio at the track locators. The range tool lets you highlight a section of [More]
This video focuses on Music Theory Basics: Modes and How To Use Them. THE BEATO CLUB → THE BEATO EAR TRAINING PROGRAM: BUY THE BEATO BOOK HERE → KEMPER PROFILES → Follow my Instagram – **Advanced Harmonic Concepts for Composition and Improvisation Video Course** → SUBSCRIBE HERE → BEATO MUSIC FORUM → —————————————————————————————————————— My Links to Follow: YouTube – Personal Facebook – Follow On Twitter – @rickbeato —————————————————————————————— Special Thanks to My Supporters: Bill Miller Gabriel Karaffa Joel Martino Brett Bottomley Matthew Porter Frederick Humphrey Frederick Humphrey Paul Noonan Mansel [More]
Free PDF download and workshop: MENTIONED LINKS AND RELATED WORKSHOPS: SOCIALS: Kids: Adults: Of the gear I use, here is what I like enough to recommend: PIANO: Beginner keyboard: Intermediate keyboard: My Keyboard: My wishlist keyboard: GUITAR EQUIPMENT: Tuner: Capo: Picks: Pick Holder: Wall Hanger: Guitar Rack: Acoustic Guitar: RECORDING NECESSITIES: Cables: USB Microphone: Multi-purpose Microphone: Vocal Microphone: Microphone Mute Switch: Headphones: [More]
This is my music theory lesson about modes. Modes are basically the moods of a key, and they are ‘activated’ by chords or root notes being played over the key. In this video I go over what modes are, what each mode sounds like, the intervals between the notes in the modes, how the modes relate to each other, and how chords bring out the sounds of the modes. Music theory lesson by Andrew Southworth Modes 101
Pro Tools provides 4 automation modes, allowing yo to get really intricate and creative with your mixes. In this tutorial, we explore the touch, latch, write, read, and off, automation modes. *********************************************** LETS CONNECT! Follow me on InstaGram Like my Facebook Page email me: ******************************************** Thanks for watching The Wavy Way Tip of The Day! Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe!
Support these lessons on Patreon! 01:08-Theory 04:20- Begin the Tour with Major 05:33-Dorian 06:49-Phrygian 07:57-Lydian 08:56-Mixolydian 10:26-Minor/Aeolian 11:44-Locrian 13:16-Related Theory Building the modes in parallel (starting from the same root) allows you to see and hear the differences. Learn each mode’s unique identity , so you can easily identify it when you hear it, and be able to employ its characteristics when composing. Learning the modes of the major scale is very important, but the topic is often difficult to fully grasp. There are many ways to look at modes, and this video explores each mode in parallel, meaning [More]
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Hack Music Theory is exploding on YouTube (thank you!), and to celebrate, we’re launching what’s arguably our most helpful video series yet. Watch this if you want to eliminate the debilitating problem of Writer’s Block forever. But first… tea! 1:24 What is Writer’s Block? 3:25 STEP 1: Chords 4:10 White-Note Hack 6:28 STEP 2: Emotions 11:50 Root Chord Explained 14:10 STEP 3: Chord Progression 22:38 STEP 4: Making Chords Flow 27:15 STEP 5: Rhythm 36:21 Piano Example 37:09 Final Example ********** ►Online Apprenticeship: ********** BOOK & PDF: ►Hack Music Theory, Part 1: ►Hack Music Theory for Songwriting & [More]
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