Pro Tools Basics: How to Change the Key, Meter, Tempo In this video, we talk about changing the key, meter, and tempo in Pro Tools. Hope you like it! *** Patreon *** *** Ear Training For Audio Engineers *** Sound Gym: *** Shop Cato’s Favorite Stuff *** *** What’s in My Studio *** *** Want More Audio Videos? *** Check out Pro Studio Live – learn from successful (often multi-Grammy winning) engineers! Pro Studio Live’s Youtube: *** Find Cato Online *** Snapchat = @catonoise *** Disclaimer *** Hi [More]
TOPICS 0:00 – Rhythm, beat, tempo 2:36 – Note Values and Rests (*Whole note rest hangs from 4th line, not 3rd line) 13:42 – Dotted Notes and Ties 20:57 – Triplets 24:54 – Meter 31:02 – Simple vs. Compound Meter and Time Signatures
An overview of setting the session meter, tempo, and key signature in Pro Tools.