Bars and Melody, talk to CBBC Newsround about their anti-bullying song ‘Hopeful’ as well as their friendship, how to write a song and dealing with nerves. CBBC is getting involved in the fight against bullying. Find content here related to tackling bullying. For more video clips and breaking stories visit For more fun, games, makes and all things CBBC visit CBBC aims to encourage children to find out more about existing interests and inspire them to develop new ones; helps them understand the world around them and provides an entertaining watch when they just want to relax. [More]
Complete Chord Mastery course: Master of the Modes course: (At 4:32 and at 7:02 in the video are the examples you want to hear) You know the old adage on how to write Blues (or Rock. Or Country… depends how you ask): “Three chords and the truth” That was fine and dandy for a while… and then we got inundated with 3-chords and 4-chords cheesy pop songs and now everybody is tired of the same old same old 3 chords. Which is a pity. Because honestly, I love well-made 3-chords harmonizations. And I think that all musicians should [More]
For this video I chose to analyze just one piece of music to keep it short and simple. Well, the piece of music I chose was Gusty Garden Galaxy’s theme from Super Mario Galaxy, and so after analyzing just the first half of the tune the video is pushing 20 minutes. Short and simple it is not, but the subject of the video is so graceful in the way that it approaches its melody that I just couldn’t help myself. Enjoy! Notebook: PATREON: TWITTER: DISCORD: #SuperMarioGalaxy #GustyGardenGalaxy #musictheory In today’s lesson, we’ll be learning about pitch, melody, musical alphabet and the staff.
In this video, we will be going through all of the fundamental building blocks of music. We’ll begin by explaining the different elements that make up a song. Then we’ll dive deep into the theory of keys, scales, intervals and chords so that even if you’re a complete beginner, you will learn what they are, how they are constructed and how they can be used within a composition. Like and subscribe if you found the video useful! Follow Us: —————————————————————————– About Soundflow Music Academy: We are one of the only schools in the UK to provide post [More]
Max Martin has been writing and producing number one hits for some of the biggest names in music for the last twenty years. In this video, I share some of his songwriting tips and break down how he writes a vocal melody and hook. Subscribe to Songwriters Chop Shop for songwriting tips, tools, and techniques Songwriting Tips from Famous Songwriters Playlist Best Songwriting Tools Playlist These videos are meant to break down the songwriting process into easy to use tips, techniques, and tools that spark creativity and help you apply them like the pros. I do my [More]
Get the full course – In this tutorial you will learn basic to advanced Cubase and music production skills, techniques, tips and tricks. The aim of the course is to help you learn how to go from just messing around with ideas to fully arranged, mixed and mastered tracks. The best way to learn how to do this is to follow along and actually make a track yourself, step by step with guidance from experienced, professional music producers/tutors. There are more details on the course, just follow the link above and you can learn more about the course and [More]
TOPICS 0:00 – STEP 1: determine key signature 1:12 – STEP 2: first, last & penultimate chord 2:11 – STEP 3: chord options for harmonizing remaining notes in melody 5:37 – STEP 4: eliminate chord options based on chart of good harmonic progressions 10:20 – STEP 5: choosing exact chords and writing Roman numerals 13:44 – CORRECTION: ii chord put in first inversion should be written ii6 15:13 – STEP 6: check outer voices for errors 16:20 – STEP 7: fixing errors by changing inversion (d8 & P5 found in example) 18:18 – STEP 8: part write 20:05 – ***MISTAKE: [More]
If you want to make better melodies, you have to understand melodic intervals. The melodic intervals stem from scales and the circle of fifths. We can take it to even higher levels when we use key modulation. Long story short, melody requires lots of other understanding. Click Here to Learn more about melody Click Here to Learn more about Music Theory Click Here for Premium Music Production Training
Music Theory 1 Guitar Course Lesson 4 – Melody Access the full course: Music Theory 1 Guitar Course: Music Theory 1 is a guitar lesson course for anyone brand new to music theory. It’s designed to give you a good overview of the basic building blocks for understanding music and music theory. In this course we’ll touch on many topics getting you ready to dive in deep in the next music theory courses. All of the video lessons are free on YouTube, but to really accelerate your learning, download the Music Theory 1 Workbook and eGuide (see below for [More]