In this video you can learn about three main concepts in western music theory. Its like a summery or index to know what exactly should be learned to become a good musician. To learn all the lessons subscribe to my channel.
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How to create the Main Theme for Interstellar using only standard Logic Pro X instruments Download the Logic project here:
Walkthrough & explanation of new main features added to Logic Pro X 10.2.1
Berklee’s Free Music Production Handbook: Hawk’s Producing Music with Reason course: Hawk’s Remixing course: http://bit….
Did You Like This Video? — Learn how to market your music the way professionals do for licensing or royalties. The Euphonix Artist Series MC Controls Touch Screen is fully tested with Pro Tools HD. In this video, we take a deeper look into the functionality, as well as the customization of the MC Controls touch screen. By adding multiple MC Mix units, you can create a large format “flying fader” style control surface to bring the feel of mixing back to your fingertips. All Euphonix artist series products are available through Sound Pure, available for sales and integration questions by phone toll free at 888-528-9703, or email us: sales(at)
Short cinematic theme. Pleasant listening) Download this track: My Royalty Free Music Portfolio: All music on the SoundCloud: