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Are you a budding songwriter who’s stuck? We’ve all been there. But these 3 things have given me inspiration when I thought I didn’t have it, helped me dig deeper in my lyrics and have made me so much faster. I’ve been a songwriter for 14 years and professionally doing it for 8 years! So I’ve learned a lot throughout the years and this is just a little bit of what I’ve learned! I hope this can help you! If it does, please give this video a like and go ahead and comment below!! Happy writing! 😀 FUN FACT: I’ve [More]
Best listened to with headphones. Words/Music: Rich Genoval Aveo Produced/Recorded/Mixed by: Anthony J. Resta & Karyadi Sutedja Strings: Cameron Stone Guitars: Mark Scan Album: Novae:One (2010) My Original Music: www.RichAveo.com
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Pentatonic scales are awesome, they are easy to use, it is hard to get something dissonant with it so is works with everything, and it is used in many cultures. Speaking of which, it is a good time to highlight the fact that our occidental music theory is not the only way to make music out there. This video is a little different from the previous ones, as we are taking a brief look at other cultures way of approaching music writting. I hope you like it, and thanks for passing by! ~~ DOWNLOAD THE MUSIC THEORY DOCUMENT ~~ https://mega.nz/#F!c0BFmYRI!tAwYHKoFw5f0LzejkNRRrA [More]
http://www.techmuzeacademy.com Today we chat with Logan Brown from The Brown Sound Podcast about what it means to be a full time working musician in 2019. Logan is a talented performer, teacher and the host of a fantastic podcast for musicians. He also has a musical project with his fiancé called Taylor Angus. Check out what Logan is up to and subscribe to his podcast here: http://brownsoundpodcast.com
►► Create radio-worthy songs from your bedroom. Download my FREE Radio Ready Guide and learn my 6 step process → http://RadioReadyGuide.com The Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Processor is one of my favorite plugins – not just for mastering but for mixing as well. In fact, I tend to use it on my mix buss more as a transient designer than a limiter or compressor. In this quick video I’ll show you what settings I’m using to bring out the kick, snare, and overall energy of my mix with FG-X.
In this video, I go over a few popular trap songs and explain the music theory behind them! I take a look at Lucid Dreams by Juice Wrld and XO Tour Life by Lil Uzi Vert. There is a lot of good tips on melodies, chords, and rhythm. Let me know what songs you want me to look at next! Thanks to Melodics for sponsoring this video! Click here to download the app: http://bit.ly/2JPR4tD Beats for purchase here: https://www.simonservida.com BUY 1 GET 3 FREE!! FOLLOW ME ON SPOTIFY!! https://open.spotify.com/artist/49K0CwVqdBKXvgalZOPrHO FOR COLLABORATIONS AND CONSULTATIONS EMAIL ME AT servidamusic@gmail.com Follow Me On: [More]
If your music isn’t getting people moving, then learn how to write guitar riffs, synth riffs and bass lines that bounce, as heard in “wonderful life” by Bring Me The Horizon (from upcoming album “Amo”). ►Free Book: https://HackMusicTheory.com/Books ►Online Course: https://HackMusicTheory.com/Apprenticeship In their new single “wonderful life” that just dropped this week, Bring Me The Horizon deliver a masterclass in how to make your music (and therefore your audience) bounce! They even manage to get “bounce” in their lyrics, with the line: “everybody knows I got bounce”. But first, what is “bounce”, and how’s it gonna get the party started? [More]
Judith Avers is an award-winning singer/songwriter based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has travelled extensively sharing songs, stories and teaching songwriting to people of all ages. Best known for her emotive voice and lyrics, Judith shares songs of hope, love, longing and despair. She is fascinated by human nature and it shows in her songs. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These [More]