The FIRST Three Things Every Indie Artist Must Do to ensure a successful music career. Learn how to turn strangers into superfans with our free Fan Journey Training at Subscribe for more videos! – Blog – Merchandise – ***************************************************** Many people believe the only path to success in the music industry is through a record label, radio station, or even a reality talent show on TV. The truth is, in order to be successful in music, all you need to do is grow your fanbase. But before you can start marketing your music online, there are [More]
Making A Song With The Free Protools First DAW | Hindi I downloaded and installed ProTools today and tried to make a song and here are my experiences that will help you decide a ton of things If you like these videos please share them. If you would like to grow fast join the academy, more details @ Make sure to subscribe: Love N Regards Arijit Saha ============================= Let’s Connect ============================= Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ============================= Gear I Use to Make Videos: ============================= 1. Canon M50: 2. Sony a6300: 3. Favorite Prime Lens: [More]
Welcome to our M-Audio Creation Studio series! We are very excited to share tips and tricks on how to record various instruments using our AIR Series interfaces with the included software. In this video we show how to use the X/Y mic technique to record stereo acoustic guitars with our AIR 192|6 audio interface and the Pro Tools First software. Join the conversation!…
In this video, I’m going to show you how to setup your HeadRush Pedalboard as an Audio Interface for Pro Tools First by Avid. Sooner or later, you’re going to want to record yourself with your HeadRush and there’s no better Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to start with than Pro Tools First. This is a multitrack recording software, and it’s FREE! Note that this video applies to the Pedalboard and the Gigboard. It’s never been easier to record yourself and the HeadRush makes it a snap. In less than ten minutes, you’ll see how quickly you’ll be able to set [More]
Support this channel: You will need ASIO4ALL or an audio interface that is ASIO compatible in order to use Pro Tools | First. If you already have those things, and you have tried other workarounds like holding down the ‘N’ key during launch, then this is the fix you are looking for! For whatever reason, Pro Tools is very picky about it’s drivers, and sometimes it can’t find the ASIO driver when other Windows drivers are available. So try this: Right-click the SPEAKER Icon in the tray. Choose PLAYBACK DEVICES In the PLAYBACK Tab, Right-click and Disable EVERYTHING! (one [More]
This is the first video of a series in which I will try to explain how our (modern western) music system is built, why we use the tools that we use today, and how we can use them to create our own music. Make sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss the next episodes. Thanks for passing by! ~FOLLOW LINKS~ Facebook: soundcloud: twitter: instagram: Downloads: #MusicTheoryIn5minutes #MusicTheory #BeatsAndBobs #Woochia
Learn how to download, install and setup the included Pro Tools First M-Audio Edition software for the M-Audio M-track 8X4M audio interface. Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 0:25 Product Registration 1:05 Pro Tools Download & Account creation 2:58 iLok installation and license activation 3:43 Effects installation 4:18 Pro Tools installation 4:30 M-Track 8×4 Windows Driver installation 5:20 Pro Tools initial setup 5:35 M-Track 8×4 Selection in Pro Tools 5:51 M-Track 8×4 Setup checklist 6:53 Creating and arming tracks in Pro Tools 7:28 Adding effects to tracks 7:40 Recording in stereo Join the conversation!
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Avid Customer Care How-To video series covers basic operation of your Avid software, system troubleshooting, quick tips, and much more. About Avid Avid is the world’s leading provider of audio and video technology for media organizations and independent professionals. Our customers use Avid solutions to create, distribute, and monetize the most prestigious and award-winning films, videos, music recordings, TV shows, live concerts, and news broadcasts.
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