✅Full Facebook Ads Tutorial For Musical Artists | Music Marketing Guide I will be walking you through every step to set up a Facebook ad campaign to promote your music release. 🎬 If you need video content for your music: https://www.fiverr.com/ 👉 Setting up a business manager/ads manager account: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oQdV14kJp4 Learning Facebook’s ad platform and how to run ads effectively when promoting your music is going to save you money that could be wasted by setting up ads without knowing what is what. You are going to learn how to come up with some goals and objectives before you set [More]
In this video I show you how to cut the cost of your music Facebook Ads in half using Lookalike Audiences. As i’ve shown you in previous videos, Facebook ads are an incredibly powerful tool when marketing your music, but we need to make sure we’re getting the most out of every dollar. Lookalike audiences are one of the methods we can use to lower our ad costs. Lookalike audiences are created by first creating a custom audience of at least 1,000 people that perform an action you want them to take, and then you tell Facebook to go find [More]
Did you know you could spy on other artists music Facebook ads? 100% free and legally, you can look at any ad thats run on Facebook and Instagram if you know how to find it. The Facebook Ad Library lets you look up ads by the page that runs them, making it incredibly easy to look up other musicians, beat sellers, sample pack companies and other music company’s ads! In this video i’ll show you how to spy on other music facebook ads so that you can learn what other artists are using, and model that for your own ads. [More]
Are Facebook ads for music artists? YES! In this video i’ll show you how you can use Facebook and Instagram ads to promote an upcoming single. Facebook and Instagram ads are an incredibly powerful tool for music artists, musicians, and music producers. Many artists shy away from them because they cost money, and there is kind fo a steep learning curve. I’ve spent a few years and thousands of dollars testing every music marketing tactic I could find, and i’ve also gone through about a dozen music marketing and Facebook ads course I could find. In this video I show [More]
Your band is using Facebook wrong. Wondering how to promote your music on Facebook? It’s simple. Using Facebook ads, musicians can promote music very effectively. But Facebook for musicians is not just a music marketing tool. Facebook is a place for musicians to connect with their fans socially, because it’s a social media platform, not a music marketing platform. Facebook ads are a wonderful and profitable way to make money with your music, but only if you’re willing to stop treating your fans like wallets with ears and start treating them like human beings with their own interests.
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Have you been having trouble marketing your music on social media? In this video I am explaining the algorithms for Facebook Instagram and Twitter and giving you specific information about what to avoid when you post on your page. Explore the algorithm changes for March 2018 on Facebook and find out what they are considering to be post beating. Get ideas on what to post and how to post in order to build your music fan base and promote your music videos the right way. Work with me in One-to-one Training: https://www.avaliveradio.info/opportunities/one-to-one Submit your music : https://www.avaliveradio.info/spin-submit/ Newsletter: http://www.musicmarketinginsider.com Come [More]