This video shows off REAPER’s Monitoring FX Chain, what it is and how to use it. Thanks for watching! Check out the blog at
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This video looks at how to tighten tracks rhythmically using the side chain input of a noise gate plugin in Cubase. Using the side chain gate technique, the gate effect in Cubase can tighten up a MIDI track by being triggered by the drums on a different track. You can use also automation to change the rhythmic pattern of a MIDI track with the gate plugin and use an audio source for side chaining drums to align different tracks rhythmically. We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and [More]
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In this first video in the playlist, Stuart Stuart talks about why he does his own mastering. He shows us yet another of his audio chains that he has incorporated in the same mastering template he uses for tracking, production and mixing. For more information on Stuart Stuart, please visit his studio website at: We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you. Your Steinberg YouTube Team Check out the trial version of Cubase and lay hands on the exciting features [More]
In this micro-lecture, Jason de Wilde, Head of Audio at the Australian Institute of Music demonstrates the use of side-chain compression. Using Pro Tools, you will be taken through the setup of the side chain and hear the process in action. Jason’s Website – Jason’s You Tube – Check out all our You Tube Channels AIMtvSydney – AIMtvStage – AIMtvTestimonials – AIMtvDramaticArt – Our Website – AIMtv on our Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Linkedin – Google Plus – Audio @ AIM Welcome to [More]
Help support the channel by shopping for templates and more at Having a custom template can help you to be more efficient and creative in your sessions. In this video I explain my vocal chain and how to setup a template for recording vocals in Pro Tools. Learn to setup time based effects: *********************************************** LETS CONNECT! Follow me on InstaGram Like the Facebook Page email me: ************************************************ Thanks for watching The Wavy Way Tip of The Day! Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe!
In this video tutorial, you will learn some tips and tricks on how to use sidechain compression in Cubase. It will allow you to use a compressor on one track that receives signal from a different track. It is a helpful technique that will assist in EDM, and hip hop mixing. And, it will also help your rock and roll and country production as well. It is definitely a mix tip that you don’t want to sleep on. And, check out these links if you want: Cubase Pro 9: Cubase Artist 9: Cubase Elements 9:
►► Get complete mix breakdowns, fresh multitracks, and live coaching with my membership program. Start your 14 day free trial here → Let’s be honest, a lot of home recorded vocals sound rough. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make them sound professional in the mix! Today I’m going to show you how. I have a simple 3 plugin vocal chain that I use just about every time I mix vocals and it helps give you that clear, polished, and up front vocal sound every time. Oh – and you can do this with your stock or free plugins!
Dan-D shows us how to set up the side chain for Blue Cat Audio in Pro Tools.