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These are the 5 songwriting tips that I’m hoping will encourage any of you start writing songs. I absolutely love writing songs. It’s one of my favourite things about being a musician. So I figured I’d do this video in the hope that some of you would find it useful. If you’re all about mental health awareness… Check out 😊 50% of the profits get donated to the ‘Mind’ mental health charity 🖤🤘🏼 FOLLOW ME: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: CHECK OUT MY MUSIC: FOLLOW MY CLOTHING BRAND: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website:
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Thanks to my Patreon Subscribers for sponsoring these videos. I’ve posted a PDF there that contains all the info taught in this video. Inverted chords are extremely useful. Working with inversions allows us to create better sounding progressions, since the bass is no longer stuck to jumping in parallel with the chord. This video explains the basic music theory of chords in first and second inversion, also called 63 and 64 chords respectively. In addition, we explore slash chord notation and 4 examples in full of how inversions can help us write more interesting and likable progressions. The following [More]
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#cubase #cubase105 #steinberg #yamaha Cubase 10.5 everyone! 🙂 1:00 Video Export 2:22 Combine Selection Tools 3:40 Colorize Mixer 4:57 Midi Retrospective Recording 9:27 Spectral Comparison EQ 12:18 Import Tracks 13:33 Padshop 2 18:07 Multitap Delay
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You wanna write songs, but words don’t come easy? Keep a journal. ***** CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Home Studio Corner: Music: #Songwriting #Journal #HomeStudioCorner