Here are 4 ways to put your lyrics to music, even if you’re a songwriting beginner. If you write lyrics but struggle with putting them to music, here are a few songwriting tips to help you take the next step in writing your song. GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD of my Basic Songwriting Format: Join our community of songwriters in my FREE private Facebook group. Sign up here: Check out my “Songwriting Tips” playlist: PRODUCTS I USE: My Taylor 314ce Acoustic Guitar: Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone: Snark Clip-On Tuner: Kyser Capo: Elixir Light Nanoweb [More]
Since I’m not used to recording myself talking to the camera, it was really awakard doing this. I’m sure there will be lots of mistakes when I’m speaking or you may not even understand my words properly. So if you have any doubts, do let me know in the comments below. Anyways, hope you learn something out of this.
A video on how to record in pro tools for beginners from your bedroom or anywhere. 0:00 – Intro 0:35 – Create A Session Settings 3:04 – Blank Session Window 3:26 – Optimizing Your Session Performance 4:30 – Import Audio 8:01 – Clip Gaining 8:01 – Clip Gaining 8:50 – Edit/Mix Window 10:30 – Setting Up The Inputs 13:00 – Quick Punch Mode 14:00 – Using Pre Roll _________________________________________________________ ▶ TEMPLATES Roddy Ricch Type Template Download: Drake Type Template Download: Devvon’s Personal Template Download: Rags To Riches Vocal Chain Download: PRO TOOLS , ABELTON, LOGIC, [More]
You make the music, I’ll do the mixing. Pro Tools can be tricky to navigate. But knowing how to use the tools and zoom in and out properly can save you time and frustration. In this series or Pro Tools for Beginners, I will break down some of the most basic functions of Pro Tools in an easy to understand way. This is a great start for any home studio setup or artist looking to record themselves and get started with Pro Tools. These techniques also work with Pro Tools First. Join the Wavy Seals Elite Get your [More]
The key editor is a great feature for chord composition with a MIDI keyboard, letting you concentrate on recording notes into the grid and their velocity, while letting Cubase take care of the timing by using your computer keypad to choose the quantise setting. The key editor has a number of other very useful time saving features for your music production workflow, helping you to quickly and easily edit MIDI information, note and chord parameters, create complex chords and much more. It’s one of many features which makes Cubase the most user-friendly music software and DAW. We hope you find [More]
This video looks at MIDI and score editors in Cubase, which are key to the workflow of events and projects in your music production. The key editor is a piano roll editor, optimised for working on musical notes, where you can add extra notes, edit MIDI information and more. It has a setup window to let you show, move and hide different things, where you can also save presets and factory settings. There are also drop-down tabs with even more functionality and parameters, for example editing note length for a more realistic sound, changing articulation and dynamics and pencil drawing [More]
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This video looks at how to organise a project and maintain your project structure in Cubase, which will prevent your music production from becoming disorganised. When using numerous samples from the MediaBay, it is important to rename tracks with appropriate names, for example whether they are instruments or vocals, hook lines, vocal takes, a lead section, beat and groove or a particular project section, so they make instant sense as soon as you look at them. To keep on top of a project with large number of tracks, create folders of selected tracks. You can easily move a selected track [More]
The chord composition feature in Cubase makes it straightforward to compose without playing an instrument or needing to know music theory. The chord feature lets you compose a movie music-style soundscape for creating atmosphere – for example evoking drama and romance – with a very straightforward music production workflow. In this sample composition, three tracks are created and notes are made to form chords with the pencil writing in the key editor. In music composition, each chord has its own color and texture and a dropdown menu lets you easily create different types of chord. Creating a chord track then [More]
Getting started with songwriting can be hard but Chantelle is here you help you plan your song and improve your writing skills with 15 AMAZING Songwriting Tips For Beginners. #SongWriting #OpenMicUK #UnsignedArtists #Music MORE THAN JUST A MUSIC COMPETITION! Open Mic UK offers artist development for unsigned artists, as well as the opportunity to perform in front of music industry professionals at the best music venues in the UK. THE UK’S PREMIER MUSIC COMPETITION FOR UNSIGNED ARTISTS Show off your musical talent to industry professionals, receive feedback, develop as an artist, and gain valuable media exposure. One of the toughest [More]