The new features in Cubase 10 include a range of audio enhancements, from straightforward conversions like stereo to mono and mono to stereo, to converting audio, sample editing, drum editing, hit point detection, working with multiple audio events in the sample editor, multiple offline processing, audio alignment and much more. Here Greg Ondo highlights how to harness them. We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you. Your Steinberg YouTube Team Check out the trial version of Cubase and lay hands on [More]
Pro Tools Basics: Syncing Audio to Video, Footsteps! In this video, we talk about a few techniques for syncing your audio with your video in Pro Tools. We use footsteps as an example, because there are always footsteps in movies, right?! Hope you like it! *** Patreon *** *** Ear Training For Audio Engineers *** Sound Gym: *** Video Edited By *** Shaded Films: *** Shop Cato’s Favorite Stuff *** *** What’s in My Studio *** *** Want More Audio Videos? *** Check out Pro Studio Live – learn from successful (often [More]
Film Audio: Recording ADR in Pro Tools In this video, we talk about one way to record ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) for film post-production in Avid’s Pro Tools. It’s an audio post-production video. Hope you like it! *** Patreon *** *** Ear Training For Audio Engineers *** Sound Gym: *** Video Edited By *** Shaded Films: *** Shop Cato’s Favorite Stuff *** *** What’s in My Studio *** *** Want More Audio Videos? *** Check out Pro Studio Live – learn from successful (often multi-Grammy winning) engineers! Pro Studio Live’s Youtube: [More]
Click here for more info! Next up in our free Pro Tools tutorial series: Improve your Pro Tools chops learning how to use the zoom tool to time align your tracks to get that sweet, sweet in phase sound. Whenever you have multiple mics on the same source, such as multiple mics on a guitar; or maybe you have a bass DI, and a mic on the bass amp… If you have close mics, distant mics, in any of these situations there is potential for negative phase interaction. Now, phase interaction isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in some [More]
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We’re talking audio for astronauts as we are joined by an Emmy Award Winning Audio Engineer for NASA. Please welcome to The Place, Alexandria Perryman! ___________________________________________________________________ Sweetwater Sound Advice with Mitch Gallagher Mixing With Headphones ___________________________________________________________________ AUSOUNDS Global Giveaway Thank you to everyone who entered and Congratulations to all the winners! WEEK 4 WINNERS: Emily-Beth Hill Justice Mann Trav Price Tanesha Francsis ___________________________________________________________________ BandPay.Me Tired of your client not paying on time? You need BandPay – guaranteed funds released according to milestones, BandPay puts sound money management between players and payers, at your fingertips. ___________________________________________________________________ Abbey Road Feedback Sessions [More]
Macbook Pro Unboxing with DAW Setup: Pro Tools and Universal Audio Interface Install and Setup In this video, we unbox a new Macbook Pro, and go through the DAW setup process for a Pro Tools rig, with a Universal Audio Apollo 8 interface and Universal Audio Satellite. We also test out the setup, and do some I/O customization. Hope you like it! *** Patreon *** *** Show Notes and Resources *** Timecode Locations for Description: 02:02 – Start Unboxing 03:27 – Pro Tools Install 07:34 – Pro Tools Install Summary 08:56 – Universal Audio Install 12:27 – Powering Up [More]
In this video, I’m going to show you how to setup your HeadRush Pedalboard as an Audio Interface for Pro Tools First by Avid. Sooner or later, you’re going to want to record yourself with your HeadRush and there’s no better Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to start with than Pro Tools First. This is a multitrack recording software, and it’s FREE! Note that this video applies to the Pedalboard and the Gigboard. It’s never been easier to record yourself and the HeadRush makes it a snap. In less than ten minutes, you’ll see how quickly you’ll be able to set [More]
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