MUSIC MARKETING FOR INDEPENDENTS In this conversation, Expert Marketers Marcus Hollinger (Reach Records, Lecrae) and Kristen Fraser (PVTL, Straight Outta Compton) discuss how to build and execute impactful music marketing strategies in 2020. SELECTCon was a two-day digital conference presented by UnitedMasters bringing together industry experts, artists, creatives and brands to share insights with the independent creative community. Packed with fireside chats, panels, workshops, upfronts, performances, and more, the conference will feature Timbaland, Russ, Tobe Nwigwe, Royce Da 5’9, Director X, Bryan Michael Cox & Johnta Austin, Cam Kirk, Reel Goats, and brands such as Instagram, NBA, ESPN, Cash App, [More]
To Rappers and Artists: BUILD YOUR BRAND ✅ Get PROFESSIONAL VOCAL PRESETS for 25% off ✅ Release your music for crazy cheap & get VERIFIED on Spotify ►How To Sound Like Travis Scott (VOL.1): ►How To AUTOTUNE with FL Studio’s PITCHER: ——- THINGS YOU MIGHT WANT TO KNOW —— 💻 WHO AM I? My name is Taliyah Kao: a 16 year old singer/songwriter, producer, mixing/mastering engineer based in Toronto. Currently, balancing studies with a passion in the music industry. She places herself in the realm of R&B / Trap / Pop music with influences such as [More]
Here is my list of content ideas for musicians and bands who use Instagram as one of their primary social channels. Having a strategy, schedule and content list makes social media marketing much more fun and manageable, allowing you to utilise it to the max. Videos that you also might like: Social media tips: Instagram tips: Youtube content ideas: I offer branding, graphic design and social media services for music artists, as well as album artwork and music videos. Check out my website for more info ( or contact me on 📩 🍥I’m starting a super [More]
The A&R reps and owners of Fearless Records, Good Fight, Hopeless Records, 10th Street Mgmt, and BRXND Mgmt discuss exactly what they are telling their artists to do to promote their music, and their brands, on social media and YouTube. These music marketing strategies 2020 are crucial to your success as well. Recorded during the great coronavirus lockdown of 2020. LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE! Sign up for near-daily emails with more in-depth advice for your career in music. Visit! Free e-book! Music Management Primer by Mike Mowery Connected: Strategies for Networking in the Modern Music Industry Artist [More]
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The Workshop Series – 68% OFF 👉 Mixing with Compression – 46% OFF 👉 Mixing Home Recordings – 60% OFF 👉 Mixing with Delay (NEW) 👉 — Hey folks! Matthew Weiss here —, I’ve got a super interesting video for you. I am going to answer a question that I’ve asked myself, and you’ve probably asked yourself as well, and that is, “What is it that the people who are behind these huge hit records, working with these multi-platinum artists do that maybe I’m not doing? What’s the secret sauce? What’s the real magic?” And so you go [More]
Did you know you could spy on other artists music Facebook ads? 100% free and legally, you can look at any ad thats run on Facebook and Instagram if you know how to find it. The Facebook Ad Library lets you look up ads by the page that runs them, making it incredibly easy to look up other musicians, beat sellers, sample pack companies and other music company’s ads! In this video i’ll show you how to spy on other music facebook ads so that you can learn what other artists are using, and model that for your own ads. [More]
Are Facebook ads for music artists? YES! In this video i’ll show you how you can use Facebook and Instagram ads to promote an upcoming single. Facebook and Instagram ads are an incredibly powerful tool for music artists, musicians, and music producers. Many artists shy away from them because they cost money, and there is kind fo a steep learning curve. I’ve spent a few years and thousands of dollars testing every music marketing tactic I could find, and i’ve also gone through about a dozen music marketing and Facebook ads course I could find. In this video I show [More]
All of your music marketing techniques won’t work if you don’t know these fundamentals. Social Media Ads Tutorial: Follow us: Instagram: @Burstimo Twitter: @BurstimoMusic Facebook: @Burstimo Read detailed music promotion tips: Listen to our podcast:
When advertising your music on Instagram and Facebook, you might be making an expensive mistake. Because artists want to see engagement and reach on all of their posts they are constantly hitting the ‘promote’ or ‘boost’ button. But in this video we explain what you should be doing. Follow us: Instagram: @burstimo Twitter: @BurstimoMusic Facebook: @Burstimo Read detailed music promotion tips: Listen to our podcast: