Sweetwater Minute – Vol. 80, UAD-2 Satellite from Universal Audio

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More info: bit.ly Get an overview of Universal Audio’s UAD-2 Satellite systems and how you can put one to work in your studio. Mitch Gallagher covers the different versions available and the different plug-in/voucher packages you can choose from. Learn more here: bit.ly


yobhsiFehT says:

You know what’s better than a Mac, always has been, and always will be? Punctuation.

stinkfoot777 says:

i have both mac is best get over it

PocketDrummer says:

No they don’t. The big mystery around Macs used to be their hardware, now they use the same components as regular PCs (not to mention a Mac IS a PC by definition) with the exception of their adoption of the BTX style motherboard. The OS is nice and pretty, and Core Audio works well, but a properly set up windows system will work just as well if not better at the same price (or cheaper).

The “industry” thinks Mac/Pro Tools is unbeatable… it’s not.

aliensporebomb says:

Because they work better for audio.

junejhunkie says:

good for a mobile rig. PT9 and this and prollie an apogee duet and some good monitors.

PocketDrummer says:

1:22 Connects to what?

Guess I’m not buying this………
There’s no sense in buying a system that costs $500 more for a logo. I don’t see why audio hardware companies keep trying to sell us Macs.

DuskY1991 says:

Smart move, I’ll think about a Mac now.

RAYGproductions says:

need to check this out..

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