Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – Music Theory Fundamentals – Essential Chord Theory

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Sputnik 1 says:

Thank you! Great videos… Love the way you explain the theory in such an enthusiastic and practical way. Wish I had teachers like you in school!

Steve Salt says:

As always, excellent information presented in a digestible format. Thank you.

vishnu oddninny says:

Great and cool lessons Man

Zahid Salwanis says:

TOoooo good … thanks …

Rondal Cogar says:

Your awesome Steve Stine .. I watch you and Marty and Shut up n play on YouTube , I only watch the best 🙂

Jason Fick says:

You're turning me into a better guitar player.

Jimmy Jose says:

Thanks for the awesome explanation,

Tim Sweeney says:

I wish I found this guy earlier on, amazing teacher

godu1111 says:

I`ve listen to a million youtube guitar teachers and also bought a couple of courses.
Steve is hands down the best and the reason is that he knows …… how to teach !
Guitar players that know how to play are a dime a dozen, but someone that also has the skill to convey this knowledge is a rare sight.
Steve, you rule

Michael Hantic says:

Thank you for this video, this is very informative. All my questions about chords has been answered.

ross says:

this guy shows why smiling is important. he looks so enthusiastic

Lou Radon says:

Right On Homie!

Majestic Ent says:

"Putting the cookies on the bottom shelf" – You are the best guitar teacher I've come across. Thanks "Ein" Stine!

donly pierre says:

Dude, this helped me out a great deal. I always ran from this. You made it easy for me. Thank you.

Mark Slack says:

Wow I actually get it !! Thanks for that.

fanofjazz2 says:

incredibly well explained.  appreciate the clarity.

Sam Swartz says:

Fantastic lesson. Thank you!

Strings 1043 says:

What constitutes a whole and half step? That's the part I don't get.

Nick Whitmore says:

This guy is the best guitar teacher on you tube love it and understand it now awesome

Che Maczkowiack says:

What a great lesson you just answered about 20 questions that have been rattling around my brain…so glad I stumble on to you Steve albeit a year late …cheers from australia

María Laura García says:

Excellent musician, excellent master!! Thank you.

Dharmawan Candra says:

I was lucky I found this video. thanks for the explaination

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