Steve Palfreyman – Introducing My First Music Marketing Webinar “5 Steps To Social Media Success”

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Steve Palfreyman – Introducing my first Webinar, where you have the opportunity to learn in just 60 minutes my 5 step system to marketing music online. Regis…


Steve Palfreyman says:

Thanks for the comment, I find it really interesting. Would love to know more about your overall strategy in fact – as the second biggest search engine in the world, there are absolutely opportunities to monetize the platform or use it as leverage to monetize something else. Cheers Jim!

Jim Kingdon says:

I have put my new inspired songs out there for the past 7 years on youtube for free. There is not much of a market on youtube especially when it is free. Thanks for the share.

Ghostdriftx says:

great info!


Nice video. I would like to have you on my podcast soon. Email me at

Steve Palfreyman says:

My pleasure Paul, all the best with everything!

Steve Palfreyman says:

Fantastic! Nice to meet you mate, and thanks for registering, hopefully the confirmation has come through now. See you next Wednesday!

paul fogarty says:

Hey Steve, cheers for the reach-out and the add. Best of luck in your work. Paul

Migrant Fleetward says:

Really cool! I’ve been struggling with this and you’ve seemed to appear at just the right time, lol. Thanks 🙂

Steve Palfreyman says:

No problems, would love to keep in touch! Let me know how I can help you on my Facebook page or on Twitter 🙂

DougLetoMusic says:

Thanks for adding me as a contact! Let’s stay in touch. Are you on Facebook as well?

2uflame says:

I just subbed you bro

2uflame says:

how I send you a personal inbox

Steve Palfreyman says:

Cheers 2uflame – get in touch if you want to chat about this, it’s a legitimate career path certainly 🙂

2uflame says:

thanks man I just want too write songs behind the scenes for artist

Steve Palfreyman says:

Thanks mate, appreciate the comment. Feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit! Cheers.

Alfonso Toro says:

Nice! I can use this for some friends who needs to know about this. Thanks.

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