Step Recording MIDI in Cubase Tutorial

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In this video tutorial, I will show you how to use the step record feature in Cubase’s Key Editor. It is a pretty powerful feature that you can use to make yourself sound much better than you actually are at the piano. I hope it helps!

Scope these links if you want:

Cubase Pro 9:
Cubase Artist 9:
Cubase Elements 9:


MĂĄrton says:

Hi there! I can use step recording, however I can't change the rhythm it plays only in sixteenth notes.

Stefan Walcott says:

I can't get my blue line to budge in Cubase 9.5!

Gavaskar Avinash says:

Excellent ..

Audio Video Edit says:

Awesome tutorial, keep up the good work! Feel free to check out our channel, and subscribe!

Haroon Rashid says:

Could you please do a video about MPC swing quantization in cubase, and maybe how to use it to make those RnB style grooves? 🙂

Boson Spin says:

good stuff! Thanks 🙂

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