Stem Export – Pro Tools

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Recording Tutorial – Stem Export – Pro Tools – Online Music Mixing and Mastering



Except no. Because if you have any plugins on an AUX track (Like a submix or on a premaster track) , it won't export those plugins.

Spooky Milkman says:

When i try to consolidate the tracks i get the message “command can not be performed contains one or more clips or fades that are offline/yet to be rendered” I am very new to Pro Tools which is why I am transferring this project i received into Logic. I have only selected active tracks. What do i do? Thanks

Paula J Laird says:

Thank you for this video !!!

Eric Wes says:

This process is only two clicks in most other DAWs. Thanks Avid!

Sam Greenwood says:

does this included the applied EQing or compression etc added to each track?

Charlie RedWood says:

But this method doesn't apply tracks' insterts fx?

POVi says:

Straight to the point and CLEAR!! THANK YOU!!

nil10101 says:

Thank you so much! This video helped a lot!

Hayden McGowan says:

Does this same method work in Pro Tools 7?

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