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Spotify music marketing is incredibly important for the success of a song in 2020, but there are a TON of shady Spotify playlist promotion companies promising great results. Should you hire a Spotify promotion company to get your music on playlists? Are playlists even a good method of music marketing? In this video i’ll show you the shady world of Spotify playlist marketing.

In 2019 I spent thousands of dollars testing out playlist promotion companies, and thousands of dollars in direct music marketing through Facebook and Instagram Ads. I also reached out to many playlist owners directly, and through this I learned a lot. Many playlist owners will directly ask for bribes to place your music, and through basic research I saw that many of these playlists were likely using bots to inflate their numbers.

Even the legitimate playlist companies that got me on good playlists with seemingly entirely organic traffic still didn’t perform as well in terms of engagement compared to Facebook and Instagram ads. Spotify wants to see engagement, and they want to see traffic coming from OFF platform to Spotify more than they want to see streams created on the platform.

Due to all of this for the most part i’m stopping all Spotify playlist promotion in 2020. The risk is just too high dealing with these companies, because you never know how they built their following, and the engagement is often hit-or-miss anyways. If you use ads you can directly target people again and again, and understand your audience.


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David C. says:

I make pop music, I tried playlistpush and had the same issue you described, very poor engagement, I checked the playlists my song was added on and they didn't really matched the vibe of my song, I've been thinking to contact curators directly although I've heard that even if they like your music they don't do it for free (which is against Spotify policy)

nahhu says:

Hey man I'm going through your awesome content and it got me wondering : with what camera are you filming your videos ? thanks 🙂

HellKey says:

Hi, thanks for sharing these tips. I also use Omari MC for my promos and can proudly say they are 100% honest and reliable.

Marquarius The Entertainer says:

What do you thank of tunehype

ferco music says:

Big truth!!

josh schneider says:

Subscribed! Excellent info, it’s about time someone does this and explains results in real time! I have used Omari before with decent results, but only streams and not fans. I am currently testing split tests and video lengths with the Facebook ad platform. It’s easy to become discouraged when you’re not getting the results you want to first, it’s something that people are going to have to stick with for a while and be patient, I’d be willing to change things up if stuff is not working. I have not been able to get anybody to go over to Spotify yet. But I am getting some decent results on video views. I think I watched one of your videos and you said to start with a simple video views campaign, and then re-target all the people who watch the certain percentage when the single debuts. Why would you not just wait until the single debut since you don’t have an audience anyway? Like do a stunt. Set a high $50 budget daily On Facebook on the day you’re single is released and hit it hard for two weeks with a Spotify link as call to action?

Erfan Amiri says:

Thank you for the information. This is undoubtedly one of the very few videos that artists should watch before releasing on Spotify. Highly highly suggested.

Luis Zapiola says:

Playlists and websites like submithub are a waste of time. Ads are better

Shawn Petrusich says:

How are you getting these day-by-day breakdowns for each individual song? Is it an export from your artist account or are you entering these numbers manually every day?

tang lung says:

hi , i use google translate ( i'm frensh ) and i'm not sure of a word , please what is omar emc , have u a link , thanks .

Lucas Kehr says:

Hey Drew, just found your channel through a screaming tutorial search, and I love your work! Music theory, social media and marketing insights, tutorials, and everything an starter indie artist would want to know. I want to know if you have a video suggesting the best platforms to share music on at first. I created a blog and I thought Bandcamp and YouTube would be best for me. What do you think?

jesus Ramos says:

Underrated video this should have like 1million views

James Lewis says:

Great video! I'd be interested in learning more about how Spotify and Social media platforms interact with artists.

Jay Zill says:

congrats, how much profit does 75K plays get?

beth willm says:

Interesting video Andrew. Thanks !

Rogelio Espinosa says:

On my recommended with only 2 views and it was definitely worth it. Had a music project last year (electronic music) but I wasn't so serious about it and my songs sounded amateurish, now I feel my sound is more professional and I'm going to release music on better labels and make the marketing stuff. Adam Ivy gives valuable info here on youtube also. Going to check more of your videos and music mainly for sure (:

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