Spider-Man and the Effective Use of Musical Clichés

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Listening to Spider-Man’s soundtrack for the first time, I got the same cozy feeling that you get when listening to a track that you know very well. I often find a lot of superhero music to sound generic, or predictable, but this wasn’t the case with Spider-Man. The soundtrack has a familiar-but-fresh feeling that is mirrored almost exactly by the game itself: old characters, old storylines, old web-slinging-poses, but presented in a new and exciting way. I tried to briefly explore how the game’s music struck this balance in this video. Hope you enjoy!

Tony Zhou’s wonderful video on the problem with modern Hollywood scores: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vfqkvwW2fs

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Dissonance Paradiddle says:

ugh I got so many chills watching this. I wish I had a ps4…or could fit one in my house…

Ron Cheung says:

Tony Zhou is pronounced Tony "Joe". Zh makes for a J sound.

Alexander Mac Kay says:

Can we talk about how the Black Cat DLC introduced music that perfectly marries Superhero movie music tropes with spy/heist movie music tropes? This game has defined a sound thumbprint for her in a way that has never been done before and I hope she and her music get featured more soon!

PositiveMusician2 says:

I'm sitting in my grinning my face off, because this chord progression is so damn fantastic!!

Daniel Cole says:

4:42 first two measures are the Daniel Craig James Bond main theme undertone

KaptainKlein says:

9:55 I saw that crash 😉

Nintendo Surge says:

8BMT: "It's…"
Me: "Spectacular?" "Amazing?"
8BMT: "…perfect"
Me: :O

Riot Revelry says:


Newborn baby on September 6, at 23 : 59pm


"He's about to say his first words!"

"A… A… Aunt May dies."

"Burn it."

Jacob says:

I just realized thanks to this video that the composer for this spider-man game is also the composer for Netflix’s Daredevil.

DoctorObjection says:

I don't have a strong understanding of music theory but I for the most part managed to follow along. Keep up the good work, I enjoyed the video and see myself revisiting this eventually.

TheGoldenHorncall says:

The horn is the instrument of heroes

Jordan Ray says:

Anyone else turn up the volume at 9:28 . God I love this soundtrack so much.

Siah Humphrey says:

Great vid! I wished he would’ve talked about the sinister six theme, though. That track reminds me a lot of Why So Serious.

Alex Turner says:

Fucking pretentious pandering

Is what I'd say about most video essays but this is informative

Chew Your Good Food says:

Superhero scores seem to like HORNing in a lot.

ErebosGR says:

So, you just proved that every superhero soundtrack nowadays is basically the same.

SeattleSleeper says:

Kind of a weird question, but what is the second chord in the intro? It looks like a c diminished 7 but it has b instead of a.

KrazyKiko says:

"feel like spiderman" – dunkey mocking game reviewers

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