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links to software shown in the video: ozone,izotope,ikmultimedia,TRackS,vengeance,waves,sonnox,uaudio,sonalksis,flux,wavearts,bluecat audio,voxengo,nugenaudio,


bruteresistance says:

Bottom line here is this. Not all plugins are suited for all task. The material you are working on, and your “vision” for it, will determine what is “best”. Like one person said, a “good ear” is the most important thing, and understanding how to shape, or apply the various tools available to you. All of these plugins have a place in a serious engineers portfolio. Knowing when and how to use them based on the material you are working on is what counts. There is NO silver bullet for mastering.

Eumusic1 says:

fg-x  Virtual Mastering Processor
slatedigital . com
sonorissoftware . com

highnote606 says:

Obviously your bias is ignorance and shows the likelihood that your competence as an engineer is very limited. Ozone is one of the greatest plugins. I have used Waves for years and they are great as well. Ozone has the ability to “pick a setting” and be happy. Should be called a vitalizer. Crysonic Spectralive is another really good one. The fact is that nothing can replace a good ear and understanding of how to colorize sound any way you can.

BestAudioPlugins says:

I got all the best plugins on my blog.. ProFab Filter L , Steven Slate Mastering , T racks… well the firts two are the best limiters/comp on the market for mastering! Softube is very good too! Will put later 😉

BraindanceLabel says:

T-Racks sounds a lot better. I´m a mastering audio engineer and I use Waves and better plugins than Ozone and T-Racks, but I would like to say that Ozone sounds not that good and T-Racks 3 sounds really a lot better than Ozone. Its a difference between T-Racks and Ozone like day and night. I give Ozone from 10 possible points 6.5 points and I give T-Racks 3 from 10 possible points 8.5 points. Ozone sounds cold and empty. I don´t see any reason why Ozone gets called a serious mastering plugin.

oussamax says:

ozone is just great, i tested it with logi pro and some accoustic guitar sounds! It’s so simple and just great !!.!

HalSamuel says:


Eumusic1 says:

TG Mastering Pack ,Abbey Road Plug-In Bundle,Brilliance Pack
abbeyroadplugins . com

Eumusic1 says:

Many plugins:
nomadfactory (dot)com

Eumusic1 says:

solid-state-logic (dot) com  – Duende plug-ins

Eumusic1 says:

Great plugins
pspaudioware (dot) com

Eumusic1 says:

Some more good ones:
soundtoys (dot) com
mellowmuse (dot) com
softube (dot) com
crysonic (dot) com

Eumusic1 says:

alpha compressor,mpressor plugin ,niveau filter (free)

Eumusic1 says:

WAVES AudioTrack gives you the power of three complete Waves processors in one, easy-to-use plugin. With equalization, gating, and compression, it’s ideal for multimedia, voiceovers, project studios, and more.
waves (dot) com

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