Songwriting Without Music Theory

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Music is Win says:

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b says:

Thanks for the lesson ✌

anime nyan says:

Cool guitar

Matt LeBlanc says:

Exactly the kind of video I was looking for. Thanks so much!

Donepa says:

I always find myself writing songs exactly like this, but when I do get stuck (Lets say a dominant I want to switch octaves across a chord progression) it's always useful to know even just a little music theory 🙂

red watch says:

I love this lesson. Just what I needed. Thanks.

Sloan Guitar says:

My method is just to play crazy fast riffs with tons of notes, I know some theory in terms of how different scales work with thirds fifths, sevenths, etc., but I just play some nutty riffs and see what comes of it.

Grim Reaper Tom says:

I started without theory but only looked into theory slowly in small parts as it interested me, there’s no point learning it all,a giant chunk each week if you’re not interested in it, I mostly just did covers until that theory started to intrigue me, or until I found a song that uses it really well

The Skullarmi says:

Foo Fighters in a nutshell.

Kostas1601 says:

Not knowing music theory and trying to write songs makes me feel like stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out what works. That makes me uncomfortable and makes me want to learn music theory honestly.

Aleš Pokora says:

I really like your videos, very helpful. Keep on filming man.

Felicia Studdard says:

This has really help more than u know.thxs.

Felicia Studdard says:

Is there a difference between melody and solo on guitar?

Paul Paul says:

I’d agree that you don’t need theory to write a kick ass guitar solo or a funky bass groove, but it really helps and speeds up the process dramatically, takes the time from maybe a couple of months to less than a week, sometimes even a couple of minutes if it’s on the fly and you know where you can and can’t go either way. I have a friend at college who refuses to learn theory because it’s ‘all just rules and limits my creativity’, which is a very bad mindset to have I think. Theory is something that some people don’t think they know, however as long as you write something that’s pleasing to the ear you’re still using some kind of theory without knowing it, and learning what you’re actually doing helps you to do it again and get a love for what you’re playing.

Gaurav Das says:

That's exactly how i write songs

John Noir Smith says:

I'm glad I don't live in a country where it gets so cold that I need to wear a hat indoors! Norway's more than cold enough as it is

Nelson VanDeWalker says:

Thank you for not forcing music theory down our throats some people believe it’s the only way to write a song

Smack Bramhall says:

2:45 made me check my email

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