Songwriting Tips – How To Write 80’s Hard Rock Songs – Guitar Lesson

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Songwriting Tips – How To Write 80’s Hard Rock Songs – Guitar Lesson Brett Papa papastache102 papastachepop papastache


jose miguel 123 says:

Este wn esta más volao jajjaja

kevin cunningham says:

you the daddy papastache

MY Ran says:

Hey do you think it's easier to play on an acoustic than electic?

RkmSkmRobots says:

Hey man, just got back into throwing my axe, fucking love the jumpstart to my heart you provided here. Getting involved with some buds and looking forward to playing songs about girls and cars!

RAZR says:

I don't own a guitar I'm just in love with the riffs from that time so here I am. Good stuff!

DannyWilliamson74 says:

I wish my strat sounded that good, are you using a pedal?

Tony Wilson says:

Love your video's , your sense of humour is so funny man. Don't forget White Lion…. Vitto Bratta really set the bar high when he came on the scene.

Cheers keep the 80's metal alive!!!!!

chris Bryson says:

"I love A" ….me and you are gonna get along just fine! haha. Subbed!

Charlie G says:

Love watching your videos papa. You always cheer me up 🙂

sharkman4928 says:

Ugly-ass guitar but good lesson, thanks.

Anderson Ertal says:

Most fabulous guitar tone ever Papastache!

BA Mobile says:

Hey I liked your video I'm 13 and staring a band we are planning on an 80's hard rock style or maybe a classic rock sound this helped me a lot on putting some riffs together for the band m/

His Overlord Upon High says:

Fun-nee. Thanks Papa. I love it.

Iron Feliks says:

Great lesson, I like the style you teach in that you don't mindnumbingly over explain, you just let stuff fly. Lots of these videos have people teaching intermediate stuff in the beginner fashion…oh yeah, you forgot Skid Row…

Texman4268 says:

what a kickin' lesson!!! Awesome as always Papastache!

KC Murphy says:

No one seems to have guessed it yet so I'll say it…. Modern Day Cowboy by Tesla.  Rock on.

Bert Clark says:

Most excellent guitar lesson! Thank you!

88chains says:

Great idea with the humbucker in the strat. That was really big in the 80s and was used by eddie van halen and jake e lee.

L.D Gaming says:

Good try but it isn't really hard rock it's more rock

dynatwenty says:

Cool lesson from a very cool guy! 

neroma says:

80s – those were the days ! Nice lesson !!!!

DIA4000 says:

haha, steel panther yeyyy

Scott Murphy says:

For learning licks you are my favorite. I love the 80's hard rock and metal. I am trying to learn how to lead and finally can learn from guys like you to make it fun and easy on youtube. Thanks for sharing your experience and entertaining us in the process. Its funny that you can put a song together in 10 minutes.Thats pretty Beef!( thats awsome from the 80's). Thanks again.

tcayhn says:

im 15 but this is what i learn not that pop stuff

SnedgeTheAttic says:

my guitar skills just went from flowers to Jack Daniel's! Thank you. 

Happy Nodes says:

Nice tutorial! Gotta love that 80's metal!!

Franklin O'Neal says:

LOL Thanks brodda !

Alan Rocks Music City says:

I recognized it immediately.  Perfect 80's style.  Thanks Papa, for another great instructional video.  Incidentally, everyone was trying to figure out the opening riff…. it was Lay it Down from Ratt.  Sweet!  m/

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