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In this video, multi-platinum songwriter Martin Sutton breaks down the OneRepublic song, “Counting Stars”


droptheeye says:

love your vids Martin… i love this song too… such a great songwriter he is…

Bruno Lamo says:

The idea of writing to you in the past is amazing! I already did it some times and have written 3 songs out of it. None of the songs actually are about me talking to myself 5 years ago but rather things that have happened or things in life that you would write about. It is my favourite way to start thinking about a song I always get a new idea out of it. Thanks so much for the video!

MacGregor Winegard says:

Another great break down. I’m really struggling to memorize the lines to my songs and others’ for performance. After watching your videos its nice to know that even pro song writers struggle to remember them. Thanks again!!

Martin Goldie says:

Brilliant! I have been song writing for about 30 years and joined this academy thinking its probably just a money making funnel for Martin Sutton. How wrong could I be ! Martin is a complete enthusiast and excellent teacher Who else with his sort of cash would bother to give to other songwriters his skill and secrets. Thank you Martin great analysis

Steel Ecchi says:

Hey Martin 🙂 thank you for making videos of breaking down these hit songs! I’ve been keeping song structures, melodic contour, and hooks in mind as I listen to songs, and there’s two hit songs that stump me.

“Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift
“Gravity” by John Mayer

They confuse me a bit when it comes to listening for key parts. If either of these songs interest you, please break them down! I’d love to see where the value is in each song and how it comes together to make something more beautiful than the sum of the parts.

Beau H says:

Such a masterpiece of a song. Entire song is based on Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:19. EPIC

Music Nerd Revolution says:

What a great share! I save this on my to watch list, want to see it all. 🙂

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