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Finneas O’Connell shot to fame as a songwriter and producer with his sister Billie Eilish. In this edition of songwriting tips from famous songwriters, I take a look at how he is able to write such relatable lyrics.
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These videos are meant to break down the songwriting process into easy to use tips, techniques, and tools that spark creativity and help you apply them like the pros. I do my best to make videos that share the ‘secrets’ of writing great songs without holding anything back.

My main focus with this channel is to pass on the tools of the trade that I have learned and found to make a big difference to my creative flow and songwriting. There is an old saying that goes “everybody has one great song in them”, I hope to show you that once you know what makes a song great, you can apply it to all the songs you write. Start from the heart, follow your gut and revise with your mind.

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This video is about songwriting tips from famous songwriters (finneas o’connell)


Åri Ånna Official says:

Great video I love it thanks!

xTechnoWOW says:

FINNEAS is so talented! Such a musical genius. Thanks for the video!

Magnificent_Music_ says:

I know I just watched this video but I am STILL having trouble writing lyrics for songs! Please help

Reighner Official says:

Is he Billie Eillish's brother? Great video btw

Morphbeats says:

This beat will make you sad, & reminiscent beware!!!!! if you can write to this lets work

Lee Birchall says:

Excellent. Learned a lot there. Just keep them coming. Getting great ideas from your channel. I feel refreshed.

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