Songwriting Tips: Finding a Melody

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Anyone can write songs! New songwriting tips videos come out every Tuesday.

Songwriting is fun and allows you to show your creative side. Please join me as I share a few songwriting tips to help you with your creative process in finding a good melody. Here are some tips I will be sharing in this songwriting video:

How To:

Choose a comfy spot to write
Channel your emotions into your songs
Follow the melody
Write a hook

Enjoy this songwriting video!


AdamCreations says:

thank you for the video it was uber duber helpful

I'm not a music genius by any stretch of the imagination but, I found when writing a happy song I'll stick towards a major Penta-tonic scale, keep a less thick texture, and stay towards the front of the beat but stress the 2 and 4. Thank you for this video, I'm more of an instrumental composer so, lyrics aren't that important to me, currently in a bit of writers block right now. I hope you have a good day/night. 😀

kenempa says:

Great tips!

Dale Edwards says:

lyrics are huge and more important than melody

Ethan Lee Porter says:

I think its bit taboo to say the lyrics don't matter but it's so true, it's all about the melody. Top video btw !!

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