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How to write a song!? – It’s a big question. Here are some of my songwriting tips.


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Mike has been playing the guitar since he was 12 years old, and from that first moment his love affair with music and the instrument began. Fresh out of school at the age of 16 he attended the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford and completed a year-long Diploma course.

After finishing the ACM his life as a full time musician began, playing in numerous bands and touring up and down the country playing iconic venues such asThe Shepherds Bush Empire, The Astoria, The Underworld and London’s Jazz Café. He’s also been fortunate enough to support industry legends Paul Weller, Blondie and Katie Melua.

Mike’s session work has led to his working on a variety of projects – from performing with stars such as Ricky Wilson and Diana Vickers, to appearing in many TV shows and adverts. Mike loves being on stage performing, but is equally at home recording in a studio – where he has worked with Alex Von Soos (All Saints, Seal, Atomic Kitten), Mike Horner (The Prodigy, Shakira, Bloc Party), and Mike Chapman (Blondie, Suzi Quatro).


Imbécile Heureux says:

Cool vidéo thanks!

Shawn Ettrich says:

Hi Mike, first of all thx for the great videos you come up with.
I have a suggestion for a kind of 50k special. What do you think about making a raffle of 1 month free Skype lessons one person can win? The reason why I'm asking is you are the guy on Youtube i learn the best and the quickes from bcuz the way you teach/show things is unique.

Maybe you like that idea. If not, also fine. Greets =P

koll789 says:

So where is you guitar room, video room, ……….. place?

Andy Bradley says:

Interesting how you changed the lyrics.. but more importantly where is your song about me?

The Online Busker says:

Faded away is epic!! Love it!!

Mark Saunders says:

Good video mike . Good insight . What model Taylor is that one ? Sounds good . Cheers

Jay says:

What kind of camera do you use?

gus dupree says:

Some of the greatest say they're an antenna absorbing the world around them and shooting it back out in their own personal kaleidoscope, uuuuu what pretty colors haha p.s good luck on the show in a couple days

Tim Harrison says:

You're welcome, Mike. Happy to help

Paul Callaghan says:

bloody heck. I see those Tannoy Reveals and I have a pair that I asked my brother to look after when I moved out of the country for a couple of years. I keep asking him where they are and he just tells me they are in his Dad's place somewhere. Really miss those.

Electric Sheep says:

Good stuff – I personally use Multitrack DAW on iPhone. This way I can add stuff later on if I feel like it.

Benjamin Rooke says:

Great video Mike. I have revisited some songs I'd written on my phone after a few drinks that I'd forgotten about and thought they were crap but they actually sound half decent! Cheers for showing us that even a talented musician like yourself has a rough version that starts as an idea.

Darren Willmott says:

Nicely done Mike, wicked stuff as always!

Theishing Marchang - Fun with Music says:

Thanks Mike, that's a very genuine tips. I also record it in my phone most of the time but sadly never revisited. Thanks for all the good stuff you put up there. Cheers from India.

Tomás Vargas Llibre says:

As someone who writes poetry I'm used to just writing stuff and not thinking about music and therefore I can never use anything that I write. Help me.

The Metal says:

I basically do the same thing just with an unplugged electric guitar instant of an acoustic, at least most of the time^^
But I think you will always remember the best song ideas, if not maybe it wasn't the best idea you had ; )

The Online Busker says:

I was just listening to "Devil's on my side" on my phone and this appeared on my pc! 🙂

Rob Cerasuolo says:

Great stuff! I'm going to share this with my friend, cuz he often takes the same approach as you.

I have a lot of approaches I can take to start, finish, or flesh out a tune. It's better to show people than to tell them, plus I'd probably look foolish, long-winded (I say that, too!), and self-indulgent if I tried describing them here. That said, my favorite tool for how I think and work is Chordbot; I recommend checking it out for sketching out ideas. I probably have over a hundred snippets and kernels (I jokingly call each a "movement") plus several completed or nearly completed songs or ideas, including cover song ideas, from just that app. Chordbot makes me sound so good, that now it's ever more painfully obvious just how bad I am at guitar–LOL!

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