Slice & Sample (Pro Tools Beat Guru)

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See how to take a beat and slice it up and then play its pieces back via the Pro Tools Structure sampler (Any Version including Free) for further manipulation, effects and re-grooving.
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lFAAmous says:

you sir, have earned a sub 🙂

Omar Pasha says:

I could not drag and drop the cut up sections into Structure Free. So, I renamed all the cutup sections. Each I gave a separate number from 1, 2, 3, ……. etc. Then, I just switched various numbers around to create various sounds. But, I did not like the process. I'll just stick with loops and creating my own original rhythms, instead of chopping up someone else's loop to create something original. My original thinking has proven to be better. I found that adding different instrument loops at different measures and at different intervals of measures does all that you will ever need to do.

Ray Dani says:

Avid can fuck off

gerasolorgarcia says:

MY friend, what do you think I am doing wrong. I followed you video step by step and have not been able to do that. Thanks.

Dani Legions says:

Thank you very much dude! great explanation

KWst says:

Hey mate, i want to learn how to create beats in pro tools i basically have the hang of it. The only problem i have is 808's and tuning and pitching them. Do you have any videos on this? if not would you be able to email me on how to do it or something?

KoKidChaz says:

i got me pro tools from the hood so i dont have structure free for pro tools, do you know where i can download for structure free aux or any other free sampler for pro tools

Mixed By A.B. says:

can this work for vocals too?

gopi nath says:

wow 🙂 thank u

Evan Hernandez says:

pt11 doesn't let you drag n drop

TopTenOnEverything says:

Pro Tools has updated so you can't drag and drop so how do you do it now?

John Bennett says:

for some reason, it will not click and drag to drop into structure free.. something im doing wrong?

Adam Warlock says:

It's all about how you slice them, if the actual note is longer than the note you're playing, you'll need to go back into the midi editor and extend them. There may be a quicker way, but not one that I know of.

Cody Pauly says:

Hey, this is probably a really simple fix but I loaded my own drum samples into Structure Free, and I want the drums to ring out without me having to keep holding down the key on my keyboard controller. How do I get the entire sample to play without holding down the key?

Alfredo Fuentes II says:

When in doubt tap the tempo out

TVM285 says:

change the grid from 1/4 to something higher 1/16

Jesus Martinez says:

I don't think I got structure free with my pt10 I bought it on sweewater. Does it always come with pt

Daniel Riglin says:

How do i make my audio file in time with the grid?

proboss100 says:

yes i do the problem whas my audio card buffer size now it works
i had this problem for a long time finaly it works flowles

Groove3 says:

Could be several things. Make sure your beat is in time to the grid. Did you cut them on the grid?

proboss100 says:

when you do that in structure it dont play the hits in time and some times the sampels dont play the way you chop them
how come ???

crashoverride61088 says:

Damn helpful video. Simple, effective.

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