Six Spooky Secrets Composers use to SCARE you [Music Theory / Composition]

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DL Beaven says:

The pitch bend down also occurs in Jaws – when we see the shark from just beneath the surface grab and pull under a man clinging to a boat.

Pranay More says:

Buckethead and Halloween !

realcygnus says:

the tri-tone on its own is about the only other basic I can think of

Rob A says:

These tricks probably work because they've been programmed/hammered into our heads as kids through Disney .. then these cheeseball mainstream composers can tug at our heart-strings in an attempt to make crap Hollywood content better.

Fanis H says:

Very nice and accurate video but the diminished chords going up or down yeah they sound creepy but they are used in jazz all the time too and there because of the context of course they dont sound the same. Or the plucked violins, creepy yeah but you hear those stuff in a comedy movie too. So to make a suggestion, the context you are playing these over is equally important and should be mentioned too! Great video whatsoever!

Jamfjr says:

The second I clicked on the video I got an amber alert!

IntermediateJesus says:

I dunno. This kind of just sounds cute to me. It makes me think of cartoon skeletons and happy jack-o'-lantern's. If you want creepy. Throbbing Gristle, later period Scott Walker or Karlheinz Stockhausen does the trick for me. Also Revolution 9 by the Beatles….pretty creepy.

Most Wanted says:

I love your videos. There is not many videos on YouTube explaining chords and their emotions and connecting them with theory as intuitively and passionately as yourself. I usually never care about subscribing, but you sir I’m following straight away. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

tasfa10 says:

1:40 I just got a chill and expected the BANG sound that usually comes after with the big title letters "LOST"

Loop tm says:

getting ready for some scare prank somewhere in this video?

James Robinson says:

Am, G#, Dm, Ebm, Am

Brandon Jackson says:

1:18 small note, you say E to F but you played B to C

Andy Chamberlain Music says:

Whole tone scale is another good one

Allston says:

There's an instrument/set of weird things that are used in scary movies. Can't think what video. It's on YouTube

Black Sun Sirius 777 says:

Awesome channel man, just found and subbed. Love your style and your presentation.

nichttuntun says:

your video lessons are funny, witty and entertaining. You come directly to the point without leaving out to inform the watcher about why and how these techniques are functioning. That´s great for me as a hobbyist sound designer / field recordist, piano player and synth patcher 🙂
I subscribed your channel. Thank you.

Gray says:

I have just discovered your channel. I am 3 videos in and I am immediately hooked. Very interesting compositional ideas!

isaac thrash says:

I love to mix minor, minor major 7th, augmented and dimnished when doing a "macabre" jam…..but I think it sounds more "sinister and villany" than spooky….but great vid! Kudos

Denis Candido says:

dude your channel is amazing. Thanks for the content.

Dumpy Snootsnoot says:

The waterphone is a great example of a creepy instrument. Or the sound of dropping a rock or wrench down a very long metal shaft

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