Seventh Chords – Music Theory Crash Course

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The next step from triads is looking at sevenths chords and how to identify them in music.

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Elian22 says:

Thank You for the knowledge!

Sean Bierman says:

Thanks for the great video! God bless!

TheBlueGaming 7 says:

I love learning these things even though i play violin

Lauren Mizell says:

I was sick on the day that we learned this in theory class so I have just been confused for the past two weeks. My friends haven't been able to explain it really effectively so I've felt pretty stuck. This was such a huge help, I REALLY appreciate it, thank you so much!

Elaine Nguyen says:

these videos are so helpful, thank u so much! i'm taking an online music theory course rn but i understand it so much better when i hear it explained like this

Michael Kleyman says:

quick question what do you mean when you say stack them up in thirds?

Swagmuffin 16 says:

K I think these videos are awesome please don't stop making them. I think every teacher should refer students to these videos

Cris Vandouchen says:

Missed out on the day my music theory class went over this. This was a big help, thank you!

Peter Panner says:

very helpful. thank you so much!

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