Setup the HeadRush Pedalboard as an Audio Interface with Pro Tools First by ThePedalGuy

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to setup your HeadRush Pedalboard as an Audio Interface for Pro Tools First by Avid. Sooner or later, you’re going to want to record yourself with your HeadRush and there’s no better Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to start with than Pro Tools First. This is a multitrack recording software, and it’s FREE!

Note that this video applies to the Pedalboard and the Gigboard.

It’s never been easier to record yourself and the HeadRush makes it a snap. In less than ten minutes, you’ll see how quickly you’ll be able to set up your pedalboard to be used as a studio grade audio interface. Better yet, you’ll be able to simultaneously record the processed audio signal from the HeadRush, you’ll also be able to record a dry unprocessed track as well, Enjoy!

Download Avid Pro Tools First

Download the HeadRush Audio Driver

About Pro Tools First
This is a free software that you can download and use with either a Mac or PC. It’s the industry standard for recording studios around the world and while this free version may be limited in feature set, you can upgrade easily to the full version of Pro Tools via the Avid website.

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The Pedal Guy says:

Hope you enjoy this video. Setting up an audio IO for Pro Tools has never been easier and the HeadRush works great with it. Check it out!

Lashel Perera says:

Does this work with Logic pro x?

some body says:

this was the easiest video to understand for someone like me who never used or connected daw to audio interface. thanks! you saved me few hundred bucks, i was looking for an audio interface and had no idea i can use my headrush pedalboard!

JonGuitar says:

I can't hear my headrush through my computer speakers even though I did every step.

Jack Kay says:

Im not sure whats wrong, but I've followed the steps, but everytime I go to setup on Pro tools, it doesn't give me the option for Headrush 😐

Gighard Ziraki says:

could it work with any other daw ?
like Studio one pro 2 ?

Cosmic Dust says:

Hi, thanks first of all 🙂 Can you do a video on how to record in pro tools with headrush plus one backing track playing at the same time. I have done it in Garage band but not able to do in Pro tools.

El Generico says:

How do you get the audio you record synced up with the videos you do?

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