Setup Pro Tools First with your Focusrite Audio Interface

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Need help setting up your Focusrite Scarlett or Clarett Audio Interfaces with Avid Pro Tools First?

In this video, we show you the how-to get set up and start recording with Pro Tools First using a Focusrite Audio Interface. We show you how to connect your mic, headphones and studio monitors in this simple tutorial.

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Bob Dourado says:

Which program of Pro Tools First do you download on the computer just for recording vocals using Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface? Thanks. Bob

Ross Kneebone says:

Thanks for brief summary on video.

I note you didn't mention using Linux OS. Can you point to a known Linux program which will emulate the aforementioned packages in the video please?

I have used Audacity in the past with perfectly satis results but would, for the sake of variety, like to try something else. Hence asking for a "shortcut" so to speak.

I appreciate the Linux system might not be in your field of experience, so not the end of the world if you can't.


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