Setting up to Mix in Surround in Pro Tools

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A basic look at creating surround outputs and busses in Pro Tools in preparation to mix a music session in surround. This video was created for the students in my MUS81J – Surround Sound Production class at Foothill College.




Tommy Lockett says:

Nice.. very clear teaching

spring tate says:

Hi, I'm a College for Creative Studies student and I really need help with pro tools. I just started learning Protools 12 and now we have to work in the 5.1 room, and I'm so.. nervous. But I can look at your videos on pro tools and feel that great 1 on 1 attention I really need. Most importantly, you done a great job in your videos in making it clear whats expected in working with Pro Tools.
 Do you offer a online course to teach, and if not is there a way I can work with you regarding my Pro Tools 12 class.
You have no idea how much I really need your help.


S. Tate

David Dwendell says:

Thanks a lot for this video. Missed 1 day of class here in college and felt lost today. This video really cleared things up for me. Thanks again for posting this.

Julian Tran says:

I really like your video, I just hope you give us more on Surround sound setup in Protools, like 7.1 and LFE calibration.

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