Setting up a Mastering Chain in Cubase | Stuart Stuart on Mastering in Cubase

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In this first video in the playlist, Stuart Stuart talks about why he does his own mastering. He shows us yet another of his audio chains that he has incorporated in the same mastering template he uses for tracking, production and mixing.

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Els eels says:

What is the first plugin used "LEVELER" is this a free plugin? Are there any free ones like it that I can download?

Ami Boyer says:

I did not understand something. Is the mastering process going on within the mix project? Usually I separate them into 2 separate projects. Am I doing wrong?

jmac2050 says:

this was a around about way of saying, Don't know what I'm doing, but look at the plugins I have

Nathan Kempf says:

My question might be stupid, but why don't you put all you mastering plugins on a same master track instead of having 5 tracks being output to the next step of the mastering?

Gerhard Binkele says:

This one is really interesting !!!! Thanks a lot !!!

Roy G says:

A lot of pro told me really avoid putting studio monitors on desk. I see that u do that & still make good mixing- so it just misconception ?

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