(Semi)-Live Composition and Transcription with 8-bit Music Theory

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So I thought it would be fun to transcribe a few tunes, take one musical idea from each tune, and then try and write something based on the ideas I took. It turned out . . . okay. But it was a ton of fun to do!


Sonic 2: Aquatic Ruin Zone transcription – 0:00

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: Intro Story transcription – 15:50

Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 1 PM transcription – 27:36

Composing starts – 41:07

Final product – 1:30:33


Rui Lourenço says:

I honestly have no idea how you can isolate the bass in that first music. I get so confused when I try.

Joe Kelley25 says:

28:35, you most likely figured out that the note in the bass was a G because the intro with the low G and the major 7th chord is the same as in Erik Satie's "Gymnopedie No. 1", if you've heard that before, which I'm assuming you have.

bribyp says:

live comp sounds like a kirby water level i love it

Elijah Baird says:

Yes! Sibelous

Ian Moore says:

I really enjoy your afterthought singing voice when you're identifying notes. Mmf, thanks for posting, makes me feel more confident in my transcribing skills!

Linus Kuehl says:

what is that program did you used?

Trunks Briefs says:

Animal Crossing 2: The Thousand mph Hedgehog

Trunks Briefs says:

I just wanted to let you know your channel is such a gem and your work is highly appreciated

Lit Laurent says:

How do you tell what key it is in? If you make another tutorial can you add it in?

teddy d says:

Your intro is in the wrong key no?

Louie Taylor says:

40:48 gets text: Girlfriend breaks up with him. "Shit i've gotta carry on fuck"

jorijndg says:

The lag might be Sibelius's fault instead of your midi keyboard. I have the same in MuseScore, but no lag when playing a synth in my daw.

deeoderant says:

It's reassuring to see that you go about transcribing similarly to me, but it takes me 5 times longer to actually write out the sheet music lol

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