Secondary Dominants- Write Better Chord Progressions! [MUSIC THEORY / SONGWRITING]

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Prerequisite video on Major:
Secondary Dominant chords are a great addition to the 7 chords we normally see in major keys and their modes, they are outside of the key but will take us to chords in the key. This occurs a LOT in modern music, especially the V7/vi, and learning your secondary dominants will help you write better and more interesting chord progressions.

These chords introduce non-diatonic notes (notes outside the scale) so it is usually obvious to the ear that there is something unique and interesting about these chords when they appear.

In this video, we explore all the usable secondary dominants except the V7/iii. The only reason I excluded it is was because the video was getting long and I didn’t have any good examples of it, also I don’t find it to be very usable but I encourage you to play with it.

These chords work in ANY MODE but you will find it’s fairly difficult to use them outside of major and minor due to the other modes not being as stable. The “mini modulations” within the key cause our tonality to get shifted around and maintaining a
modal tonal center can prove tricky.

Here’s the link to the song I wrote for Cara Jeanne:

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