Recording With Pro Tools And The Thunderbolt Native Interface – Extended Video

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Russ and James from Pro Tools Expert decide to do some real world recording with the new Avid Thunderbolt Box and a MacBook Pro. In their own fun style they set out to break it… see what happens!


Kicking Saturday says:

its good but if i was recording on a laptop to a hard drive
it would be better mac pro why look at the room plus drum mics
need room air to breath the less the plugin the better Digi is good but Studer 800 Rocks
Foo Fighters records with API then mix it so there don’t take my word for it
Foo Fighters speak exclusively on making latest album in Dave Grohl’s garage

R0nny179 says:

can u please do a video showing how the digidesign 192 audio i/o interface work

MsNiecyW says:

Do you think that Protools SE is good? I have that starting out. I would really like to start recording a song. I’m new at doing this, but I just want to know if that program is good. Please tell me your thoughts. Thanks 🙂

Andrew Zammit says:

great job Russ..thanks

001Producer says:

How the heck do you guys afford all that kit?? I run a small studio on the Isle of Man and I think the overheads would kill me if I decided we need to keep up with all the latest stuff! Recently upgraded to PT 10 and diddnt get much change from 2 grand considering the hardware I needed just to run the software.

britsluver says:

at least i put a face to that voice of yours,

airusersblog says:

The duplicated tracks were not meant to be recording. In one way a large session in record is most likely to be a live gig and in that case then latency is not likely to be an issue, so you can bump it all the way up.

kglow says:

10:11 the duplicated tracks are not recording. I would like to see the 32 tracks in record to really test the performance of the avid thunderbolt box. Great job I enjoyed the video a lot .

airusersblog says:

If you’re lucky then someone who has one may make a review or a decent dealer will be able to show you it running on a Mac Mini

Killah Trakz says:

I need real world Mac mini i-7 review with this thunderbolt. I’m sold but the Mac mini is the cheapest Mac with thunderbolt.

TheExplodingBit says:

I enjoyed the video, Russ. You guys should do more like this.

airusersblog says:

Oh – Jessie J can answer that one.

NovareAudio says:

Agreed about the impact of chaining. Since that is the case I wonder why there is no Thunderbolt thru on the device

airusersblog says:

That’s the point of Thunderbolt, chaining it does not make any difference.

NovareAudio says:

Great review. I use a couple 13″ mbp’s on location with only one thunderbolt port. Since I always have an external monitor on the mini display/thunderbolt port I wonder how the Avid thunderbolt HD would perform in a thunderbolt chain. Obviously at the end since it has no thru. Can you test that?
Thanks mates!

AshSmith06 says:

Hardware buffer size!

mixinginthebox says:


mahon257 says:

It’s true… afterall.. a man can NEVER have too many toys…

Pete Solvang says:

What camera are you using mate?

airusersblog says:

It has two Thunderbolt ports and in this video James is using one with the Firewire adaptor to run the external drive

NovareAudio says:

Simple question. What do you mean when you say you using two thunderbolt devices. Does the 15″ have two thunderbolt ports or are you chaining them in serial. Can you clarify for me. Thanks!

BMUSIK101 says:

Nice great review

DannyPolDiaz says:

Don’t worry about drums, nobody cares.
Fair enough.
Lmao I love you guys, I can’t wait to build my rack nice and beautiful like that. I got the basics, interface, tube preamp, compressor, parametric eq, but I can’t wait to upgrade to the PT HD Native System

Daniel Steele says:

I am getting this ASAP!

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