Realistic MIDI Drums with Cubase [Music Production Tutorial]

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How can you turn your music DAW’s default drum sounds into something more realistic sounding? With these producer’s tricks you can make a MIDI kit sound like it’s being played by a real drummer.


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Liam Taylor says:

Thanks for watching! Remember, subscribing really helps as does hitting the thumbs-up icon.
Also, if you want to hear some original music then here you go:

Mikael Andersson says:

20 minutes of drum editing and not showing the awesome Cubase drum editor = MEGA FAIL !

Matt Taylor says:

I'm learning.

Diego Cristi Constanzo says:

interesting. thanks

Ambientdave says:

Nice video Liam,I have subscribed!
First time using Cubase Pro 9 as a hobby.I have used other Daws before,
Now I have always been taught to think like a drummer before writing in notes.I'm not a drummer,but I like to have my drums sounding natural.Like you do,he,he
I noticed in Cubase,that (with velocity in mind) you can do ratio builds and compression with midi,that is so cool,would imagine it gives the drums more power and realism.

777aquateen says:

knew it was prob gonna be good when i noticed the room and piles of stuff…. takes time to build all that, and i dont trust any engineer with clean desk, from my office days it was only people not doin shit or the bare min with clean work space lol

777aquateen says:

Awesome video. Ditto what the others have said, very well done.

Stevethesearcher says:

This has to be the best drum programming video I have seen on YouTube and believe me I have seen many. I have to program drums for my music but as I am not a Drummer I have had to do a lot of guesswork which is not ideal. Personally I find programming realistic Toms to be the trickiest part. Anyway this video definitely deserves a sub!

Rizal Zakki says:

Thank you for this tutorial

Dodger Palmer says:

Hey Liam
Thanks for the great video!
Could you help? How do you record these videos!? I know to get screen capture software but how do you record the audio?

Gravemint says:

As someone who has never played the drums, this video is super helpful and informative. Thanks so much!

Dale Sutton says:

"You just have to be logical about how many limbs a drummer has."

Pete Pete says:

Liam, I think your D#1 was the rimshot, D1 was the snare, and C#1 was actually a side-stick!

Samuel Mancillas says:

Thank you for this tutorial. I especially enjoyed the part about emphasizing down beats versus upbeat and dynamics. Do you ever try ‘humanizing’ your beats? If so, how do you go about that? It seems to be a fairly helpful, but usually it’s a midi parameter that you set (between 0-100%) and I have no idea how much for that “sweet spot” of real ness.

Spam Musub3rz says:

this was an excellent tutorial! youre one of the few producer tutorials who seems like they actually know what theyre doing lol

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