PureMix Mentors | Andrew Scheps talks to Simon Franglen (Trevor Horn, Avatar, Michael Jackson, …)

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PureMix Mentors | Andrew Scheps talks to Simon Franglen (soundtracks of Avatar, Space Jam, James Skyfall, Magnificent Seven))

Puremix mentor Andrew Scheps talks to awesome people series is back. In this video he talks to Simon Franglen (Trevor Horn, Avatar, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd)

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Simon Franglen Perspiration:

Simon Franglen Inspiration:

Puremix Mentor Andrew Scheps and Simon Franglen talk shop while we listen in. The clue is in the title. Awesome people talking about their awesomeness!!

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audio engineer, mixing, recording, and life lessons are discussed.


Jaka Jarc says:

Again fascinating! Love how Sheps conducts these with no ego! I hope these keep coming, almost want the quarantine to go on for longer, just for these.

JamrockVybz Records says:

Wonderful interview! Thank you both

Jeff Peaks Music says:

Crème de la crème !!!

Murray Webster says:

Billy McKenzie……was his live engineer for a while….that’s where I learnt to stack compressors

David Tushishvili says:

one of the best youtube channel . thank you "pureMix"

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