Punny Music Theory

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S N A P C H A T: Brettybang | Eddy.Chen


Caved Johnson says:

Being a musician and not getting the jokes is hard

Eric Zhao says:

I'm a bit confused by the imperfect cadence. Shouldn't that be considered a half cadence?

Daniell Bondad says:

The standard way that tonality brings tension and release.
Dominant 7th->Tonic chord.

Sophie Wilson says:

“plague-al” is iconic

Sophie Wilson says:

that wig has seen some better days

prish s says:

They did a surgery on a ling ling

Ravenclaw 14 says:

TwoSet is (Insert 'perfect' chord progression here)

Bianca Himawan says:

Am i the only one who actually thinks brett is kinda cute

Rollerskates says:


ssgupta music says:

I'm way more used to I-V being called a half cadence and imperfect being like a V-I6 or something

EllieTheHorse says:

Ling Ling can come up with 15 puns per second

Pablo Whaley says:

What about deceptive!? V iv

peas and carats says:

"Damn music theory homework" – a whole mood

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