Production Music Composer Template Cubase 8.5 without VEPro

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Little technical walkthrough through my current production music template, utilizing Cubase 8 (and 8.5) new “track disable” function.

Covering the libraries used, mixer routing, fx channels, stem setup etc.


Wes Devore Music says:

Hi Dirk. Thank you so much for sharing your template! I was wondering, how did you set up Action Strikes in Cubase so that it outputs to 3 different stereo channels from an instrument track?

Jamie Devisser says:

Looks like I have to rebuild my template again lol Thanks for the tutorial.

Joey Baron says:

do u freeze the ins when u are done with them ? u can freeze them with the inserts also

Andrew Poole Todd says:

This is a perfect setup! The only disadvantage is that save times are still slow in Cubase when there are a lot of VST plugins loaded (and VEP decouple solved that). If Steinberg creates their own version of decouple, that would solve this problem.

CiRecCG says:

thank you for this great idea, and for sharing it with us!

one question: why do you build up this template with kontakt instances, and not with komplete kontrol instances? there are some slight adavantages using kk, at least with some instruments i tend to use (keyboard lighting and controller mapping at first).

are there perhaps perfomance issues?

my templates are by far not that big as yours, so i went the way using kk – works flawless for me (as soon as i did manage to get my kk s49 to work as intended in cubase, which was a real hassle, and still is, to be honest) 😉

keep on the great work and have fun!

InLight-Tone says:

Great video Dirk, I was going to do this myself as I've completely gone over to the disabled track feature. My routing is not as intense as yours but thanks to you I'm learning.

A random question, do you practice keyboards or just wing it? Also do you ever write with just mouse clicking or always use the keys to input notes? Thanks, appreciate the videos!

Ivan McKinney says:

THIS IS TRULY………EPIC……THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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