Producer, Songwriter, Mixer – Warren Huart

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Producer, mixer, and songwriter Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, Eve 6, Colbie Caillat) joins Dave and Herb on the 230th episode of Pensado’s Place.

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Emmanuel “Nolo” Bortolin says:

Great Interview! I really enjoy Warren, Really good composer. Makes me want to go right now and record something.
Rock N Roll. From Argentina. Cheers.

Frederick Thorne says:

Dave and Warren, you guys sing my heartsong! Great interview! Thank you!

Abraham Chapman says:

Love this guys. Literally one of the best Pensado episodes I've seen. Bob Ross has always been my inspiration for mixing. And now Im loving impressionism. Painting has so many parallels to mixing…and cooking! Thanks again.

Abraham Chapman says:

Really enjoyed seeing you both banter back and forth! Fun to see you guys both bringing out a lot of fun energy out of each other. Thanks Warren and Dave!

Lennon Bone says:

Love the ideas on ear training, Warren. I totally agree, and as a drummer turned producer, I'm always trying to hone in more on my ear training skills. Do you, or anyone else here, have any links to some great ear training exercises or programs? Thanks!!

Vic Reason says:

DAVE/HERB…If you TRULY want people to support these plugin companies, then show people how EVERYONE can use this plugin!! You MAY have sold me on Kaya. Im a guitar player, and am not interested in a stagnant 5 second synth sample that really doesnt need compressed.. Show me WHY i need this thing for guitar/bass/drums/vox/violin/triangle and an example of HOW to make a guitar sound improvement, and you probably would have had me…..demoing at the very least. Respectfully speaking, i think its time to quit giving a "shout out" to 3 different plugin companies, and showing almost nothing about how to use it, and simply choose one plugin per episode, and show EVERYONE how they can gain something from it…Just two cents

Jesse Grisham says:

@3:39 : Both kinds of music, Country AND Western! Warren you nailed it! So Hilarious! @Produce Like A Pro

James Creek says:

Great to see Warren Huart here. Big fan of him. Congrats!

JochenPfaff says:

Thank you very much !! Really Grate One !!

dre brose says:

great episode!
keeps me motivated

Renato Rosa says:

Hello Warren, little question.

One of my biggest influences in audio engineering besides you and Dave is Bruce Swedien known for Michael Jacksons albums, I notice that in your interview, or even in your channel you didn't mention his work. Is that because some influences "hit" you first since you came from another country, culture, etc.. or just because your taste is in other way?!

David Mack says:

This Warren guy oozes English Rock n' Roll. Love his vids, great interview and that 40 Oz. On Repeat song is nuts!

audiffex says:

Thank you very much for mentioning our U73b. The guys spent a lot of time creating this plug-in and you proved it was worth it :)))

Steve A says:

Great episode, the two guys I listen to and watch the most on youtube, on this one vid..
You can tell they come from different schools, (sans the instrument playing), but in the end, it's really only rock-n -roll …and I like it…
Love the Iggy reference…and 'groove trumps grid' comment from Warren …well, because it just does…

Brett Collings says:

Nice gentle, but deeply intelligent chat. Thanks Warren, and Dave for hosting.

Danny MacNevin says:

Hey Warren. I must say, I've watched a ton of interviews on Pensado's… you are such a pleasant and decent fella, that you made this one of the top interviews man! Great Job!!! I forget how I stumbled across your channel, however, I've been watching your video's for quite some time now…. and you definitely have one of the best YT Channels out there for this stuff! Keep up the great work!

Richard James says:

Loved Dave's tip to add extra 1k on the kick in the chorus :-)

David Mood says:

Great to see you on the show, Warren! Well deserved! Many thanks to Dave and you, and the whole team behind the show!
Warren, if you could share the ear training and guitar exercises you mentioned here in a video on your channel, that would be very much appreciated 🙂 Many thanks, David

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