Producer / Songwriter / Engineer, Jess Jackson with Appearance by Mike Dean – Pensado's Place #437

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This week’s guest is a U.K. native who has taken over the U.S. music charts with production for artists like Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Teyana Taylor, Nas, Pusha T, and many more. He is also a co-owner of Antares Tech and came up with the idea for Auto-tune “classic mode” and “auto-key”. Later, he is joined by his mentor and a great friend of the show – the legendary Producer / Engineer, Mike Dean. You’re at The Place!



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Filmed at Musician’s Institute Live House Hollywood


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Collins O says:

reverb none! Travis Scott??

Mike Heebz says:

Shout out to Jess & Mike! Dean should drop by at least once a month or co-host. Thanks for sharing! =)

MynameisChen says:

Good Interview!

Scarface_ iii says:

Get 808 mafia or Pier Bourne he’s an engineer btw

Peter Raw Beats says:

Best episode ever!

LaynoProd says:

I love how Jess vision for antares was to be musician lead, and Mike Dean always emphasizing musicianship and making things out of instinct without limits, such inspiring artists! Cant wait to work with them one day

adam mmm says:

interview with jess Jackson and batman

L.W.MUSIC says:

Mike Dean cloned himself, then hired himself

Kord Taylor says:

One of the best interviews I have watched.

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