Pro Tools Won't Start Playback (Quick Tips)

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Explore the common causes and solutions when Pro Tools won’t start playing immediately or won’t start at all.


Night Water Project says:

I completely lost my Red icon where you would see it start to record. i.e. It starts playback 2 measures before the Red icon is located. Also when I hit the stop function and hit play again, it picks up where it left off instead of going back to where my cursor was. I turned on Protools one day and this is what it was like. Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Richard Davies Music says:

None of the above works!

WeAreThey says:

Every time I import a wav file into a pro tools first project nothing happens when I press play. Example would be, I bounce a mix from a project that has a full track count, then I create a new project and begin by importing the bounced mix file as my first track. The file opens and a stereo audio track is automatically created. I see the waveform and clip name, but nothing happens when I press play.

The Rock Hour says:

ironically, this video wont play either

Casey O'Donnell says:

This video saved a session thank you!

Stefano Muls says:

"AEE Error -6001 was encountered" appears when i try to select playback engine. I can't find a working solution 🙁

Ambition Official says:

please help me
I Hit space bar and nothing happens but I can use the mouse to play the track but the return command still works on my keyboard it's just as if protools isn't seeing I'm pressing space bar super annoying issue and my space bar does work

MrJesusfreakerik says:

I need help! anybody know here how to start the songs from beginning?

Curt Meyerowich says:

still didn't fix my issue. I click play or hit the spacebar, the play button just blinks a couple times and the stop button lights up, and then goes away (nothing plays). Been fighting this for so damn long and nothings working.

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