Pro Tools is Awesome Quick TIp: VCA Fader Basics Part 1

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Close A quick tip on the basics of VCA faders in Pro Tools – use these to control the volume of multiple tracks at once, and still retain the ability to adjust each track’s fader individually! An awesome feature for post sound.


Adam Slawson says:

Why would you want to use this over sending several tracks to an Aux Bus Fader? The audio would be the same bringing the audio down on the Bus Fader, and then you can add Bus inserts to the bus to build the blended sound out more. Please educate me!

Mena Maged says:

Thank you for sharing this. I have a question why i would use a VCA track only to adjust the volume while i can do the same with an AUX track and group it with the tracks that i want to group them so when i move the fader of the AUX they also will follow it ? Thank you.

Archaic Method says:

For some reason my vca has an output meter and theres audio coming out of it increasing the overall volume of everything in the group… how do I create a vca that doesnt have audio running through it?

James Rockford says:

this song is hilariously bad

Andreas Demetriades says:

Excellent video straight to the point! 🙂

Indian Doctor says:

Excellent video… was very helpful. THANK YOU!

Kyle Riccio says:

You speak with the tone of an A.I. that is attempting to sound human

Studio Hacks says:

Thanks for sharing, helped a bunch. So many crappy tutorials with long intros. Thanks for being clear and straight to the point.

Dave Locke says:

Ah Freezepop! I mastered that song

Punit Bhanushali says:

Very nice explanation I liked it. Good Website too…
By the way, which software do you use to make these kind of videos?

Legend Multimedia says:

VCA Master tracks are awesome.

Gwyn Jones says:

Very tidy explaination – thanks (VCA = very clever adjuster!)

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